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No crowbars

October 7th, 2006 · No Comments

My leather family is so incestuous. We have a family motto: The family that plays together, stays together. We even have pins that were made up that say that.

Like, my Daddy plays with my boy, I play with Momma Bear’s two properties, etc. This interconnecting play happens pretty organically and there is never any drama about it. Outsiders sometimes try to stir shit up, but it always backfires. And Daddy can get pretty stark raving mad about that manipulative shit. I simply get quiet and watch those fireworks.

Really the only drama in my leather family is when a long term relationship breaks up. Me, I know to just back away and shut up. I’m one of the kids and I know my place. It can be painful to watch. I don’t pick sides.

Anyway this story takes place at the Pond House during the annual Wild Women in West Virginia weekend.

“Just wear the heels. Nothing else.” Lili’s got long athletic legs, killer thighs, and looked good in heels and nothing else.

I wanted to do a partial suspension with her. Something more strenuous than she and I had done in the past. “This is going to be more mean. But you’re strong and you can take it.” I wound the hemp rope around her torso and bound her arms.

Lili had been out to San Francisco for Folsom Street Fair and had spent time with my Daddy. That slut seemed to be just playing her way through my entire family.

“I’m going to tell your Daddy how mean you are. You’ll be in trouble,” she threatened.

“That is not going to work. I am the Princess and my Daddy loves me. Nothing you say can get me in trouble.” I tweaked her nipples and she tottered on one high heel. The ropes were bound such that she was unsteady, but would not fall and hurt herself.

“Others have tried to get me in trouble,” I continued. “It just doesn’t work. It may even backfire on you.” I grinned and smacked her pussy. She gasped, probably more from the shock than the pain. I smacked her some more. I got out my new vibrator and held it against her pussy. She was going nowhere.

“You love how incestuous this is. Playing with me, playing with my Daddy. You should call my Daddy.” That made her all hot.

Later, she called my Daddy. I gave her privacy, but after a while she brought the phone to me. I hear, “Hi, Princess!”
“Hi, Daddy! So, Lili’s trying to tell me all this stuff that she says that you said that I can’t do to her.”
“Only one thing, sweetie.”
“Just don’t shove a crowbar up her ass.”
I laughed, “Okay.”
“Remember, sweetie. You can hurt Lili. She’s a masochist.”
“Okay, Daddy! Thanks!”
“I love you.”
“Love you, tooooo!”

I grinned at Lili. “You are so dead.”

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