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Janet’s Magical Toybag

September 4th, 2012 · 1 Comment

I’ve known Janet since the early 1990’s. We go to a lot of the same events and hang out with some of the same people. But it’s only in the last year or so that we have begun playing with each other. She’s a bit of a masochist, who always shows up with her own toys ready to play.

One thing I often talk about when I teach is that I believe an experienced bottom should have their own toybag. They can pack the toys that they prefer and that work best for them. Their own hood or straitjacket is the perfect size for them. That one certain blindfold fits the bridge of their nose just right and it is only their own tears that have ever stained it. Or maybe a flogger or paddle that has just the right sting or thud for them. And they may feel comfortable knowing that their dildo or vibrator has been cleaned exactly in the way that makes them feel safe.

This has advantages for the top as well. Tops then have the opportunity to play with different toys. It’s a new challenge and is never boring. Besides why should tops always have to schlep the toys? Why should tops always have to buy the toys? And why should tops always have to clean the toys? Bottoms can take some of these responsibilities, too. I always appreciate it when a bottom comes with his or her own toys.

Janet is just one of those bottoms. She always has her toys with her. And she always gets good play with people who are willing to use her toys. She explained to me that she bottoms only with her own toys. Some tops have a problem with that. It’s never a problem to me.

So, we met up in the dungeon, Janet had her bag of toys with her and we looked for a spot to play. She picked a cross that also worked for me and began to open her bag. I could not help noticing her bag. It was one of those hobo sling bags – green canvas with a very long leather wrapped handle. It was fascinating to me. Janet started bringing toys out of the bag. “Here’s my three foot single tail and a tomkat and some canes and…”

I interrupted, “I really like your bag.”

“Thanks, I really like it, too.” She continued pulling her toys out, “and this leather slapper…”

“Just empty the bag and get up against the cross,” I told her gruffly. She noticed the change in my voice and got into position immediately. She liked my take-charge dominant tone.

I looked at all the toys, but I picked up the bag. I folded it and choked up on the handle in a way that I could beat her with the fabric. I began lightly as a warm-up. She looked back, not knowing what toy I was using. “You’re using my bag!”

“Well, for now. This is just warm-up. I want to use the handle too,”

“That handle has always intrigued me. It’s why I bought the bag” she admitted.

I was happy that we were on the same page and continued beating her with the bag, trying a bunch of methods and working my way up to fully using the handle. We had a lot of fun.

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