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Osso buco

October 4th, 2006 · 3 Comments

Saturday dinner at the Pond House was going to be late. Special, but late. We were expected to dress up. I wore something white and tight and convinced myself that I was mysterious and sexy. Music played and candles were lit. It was already dark outside. Em was on top of me grinding herself into me. My body responded and my hips rose and fell.

Hunger for sex was beginning to outweigh hunger for food. I could smell dinner. I could also smell sex. Maybe something could happen before dinner. “How long til dinner?”

“Dinner’s going to be ready very soon.”

I sighed. I wanted to go further with this, but good manners demand that I be at the dinner table on time. And, damn, I was going to behave like a good guest. “Get off me.” Em obeyed and rose. “Now, spank me,” and she did.

Dinner was ready. “Okay,” and the spanking stopped. I was all disheveled. I pulled my skirt down. It was a bit stretched out now. And I could feel that stickiness between my thighs.

The osso buco was intense. I was stunned by the flavor. I tried some of the risotto in the hopes of cutting the intensity of the veal. The risotto was amazing, but also overwhelming. Delicious and cheesy, but I couldn’t handle all this richness. I had to temper my palette with bread and salad.

I didn’t want dessert. Neither did anyone else.

I went up to shower and put on my leathers. My boots and chaps had gotten muddy from Dark Odyssey. Em wanted to bootblack them for me. She had me sit on the couch as she set up her kit. Em removed the laces from my boots. Removing the laces signaled to me that this bootblacking scene would be extra special. She washed my boots with a brush and then dipped her fingers into the Hubbards grease. Feeling her hands massaging my boots was just glorious. I melted into the couch. She then stood me up so that she could work on my chaps. She finished off by cleaning and massaging conditioner into my leather gloves. It felt very sensuous.

“C’mon up here and cuddle with me for a bit.” I made room for her on the couch and stroked her. And passed out. Yeah, hot girl, and I passed out. Well, she passed out, too. But that’s still not right.

I blame Glenda. Sure, she never made it to the weekend because of family issues, but she wanted the osso buco. That osso buco put me in a coma. It’s her fault.

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  • 1 Viviane // Oct 5, 2006 at 10:09 am

    I make awesome risotto, if I may say so. Still it sounded like a saucy night.

  • 2 Lolita // Oct 5, 2006 at 12:24 pm

    Mmmm, risotto. Are you flirting with me?

  • 3 marcus // Oct 8, 2006 at 2:38 am

    yeah, its her fault.

    like its my fault that i got hurt wrestling, cause if had let jefferson fuck james with me the night before, jefferson wouldve woken up in my bed, and then i wouldntve had to climb into his bed in the morning, to say hi, and we wouldntve started wrestling right then and there, which planted the seed for me to think of wrestling as an event, which then of course wouldntve ever taken place.

    you two are good at this.

    if i say i want chocolate, and you bring me some and six years later get a cavity…

    oh fuck it, dont bring me anything.

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