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The Tart

October 3rd, 2006 · 2 Comments

One of the ways that CAPEX helps fund presenters like me to come and teach is to raffle off a scene with the presenter. So, I consented to be raffled off. Candice was all excited to be holding the winning ticket. She waved a huge wad of tickets, “Wow! I never win and this time I won!”

Candice had not played in six months. I was going to give her a good time. The party was held in a huge hotel suite with a sitting room/social area and 4 bedrooms that had been turned into play spaces. I picked a bed and Candice lay down in her pretty black bra with matching lace thong.

I sat by her and started lightly spanking her to get her warmed up and then started caning her lightly with a shorter cane. I switched to a longer cane and sat on the other bed. A comfortable position for me. Candice writhed and enjoyed what I was doing.

A small crowd had gathered to watch us play. I am very good at focusing on my scenes and filtering out the watchers. But one figure is directly in my line of vision and very distracting. The Tart is there squatting and sucking her thumb. She is a little ball of sexuality. I try to concentrate on Candice who is pumping her butt as she processes the sensations.

But The Tart’s extremely short black PVC mini-skirt is riding up and I can see her pink panties. She looks at me and sticks out her tongue. I just want to grab her pigtails and drag her down and kick the shit out of her, but Candice deserves my attention. Candice is a good girl.

I try to concentrate on showing Candice a good time. Candice is easy to read and responsive. She’s enjoying it and moaning into the pillow. The Tart sticks her fingers in her slit. She sticks her fingers in her mouth. I am sure she is tasty. She is being so bad.

Candice comes from the caning and I jump on top of her, using my weight to smother her, and I start biting. She’s happy and done. I look over and The Tart is gone.

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  • 1 English Rose // Oct 4, 2006 at 10:17 am

    What a sexy little story. Damn the Tart for putting you off your stroke. I hope you gave her six of the best later for being such a bad girl!

  • 2 engrailed // Oct 4, 2006 at 10:08 pm

    A cane, a bare ass and a tart. Sounds like just another ho-hum day in the office for Lolita. I so enjoy your adventures and you’re a pleasure to read, as always.

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