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August 27th, 2008 · 14 Comments

Today is my day on the virtual book tour for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica book. I am very honored that she chose me to participate. I love spanking both as a top and as a bottom. My favorites are erotic spankings and role-play scenarios. I have my own How-To DVD/book, Spanking . I also have the 100 Divas Project (and I want to add Rachel to the list soon). And tonight I’ll be helping out by offering spankings at the Friends of Jefferson fundraiser.

Rachel is allowing me to give away a free copy of her book to one lucky winner. All you have to do is comment here and tell me what your favorite spanking scenario is. I will choose a winner one week from now. And I will put the winning scenario up in my blog.

Here’s a bonus excerpt of a hot spanking scenario from the book. This is from Pre-Party by Thomas S. Roche.

He pulls up her skirt and exposes her ass for a spanking.

“The guests,” she says, her voice all bleating desperation as he rubs the crotch of the rubber panties, forcing the vibe against her clit so that she gasps. Then he draws back and his cupped hand comes down hard on one firm cheek of her ass. She utters a yelp, grinds her hips against him. The vibe visibly jiggles around; even in the tight rubber panties, it can’t stay absolutely still. He brings his hand down again, feeling the taut clench and the give of her asscheek. This time she doesn’t yelp; she moans.

He adjusts the vibe and lifts his hand. This blow makes her whimper, softly, as she fucks herself slowly and rhythmically against his lap, rubbing the vibe between her clit and his thigh while she presents herself, ass high, for his next blow.

He gives it to her, right on the sweet spot, knowing from experience that the burst of sensation is going right into her clit, or her cunt, or her asshole, or something, some magic part of her that’s going to get her off, especially with the vibe buzzing crazily.

He starts spanking her faster, a blow every other second, one cheek to the other, then both, then her pussy, careful not to smack the vibe—that would hurt, and worse yet, it might break the damn thing. She’s moaning and bucking, and he’s let go of her wrists because she needs them to claw at the bed. His hand’s in her mouth now; she’s biting his palm, hard, as he spanks her rapidly, adjusting the vibe every dozen strokes or so to make sure it’s right where it’s supposed to be—on her clit, making her come.

But it’s the spanking that pushes her over the edge, when he blows off the vibe and just lets it bounce and jiggle in there, and smacks her hard on one sweet spot and then the other, over and over again, faster, while she bites his palm until he’s afraid she’ll draw blood and is surprised he doesn’t care—then she moans so loud he knows the guests downstairs are hearing it, and since he’s sure they don’t care, he doesn’t care, but he probably wouldn’t anyway.

She writhes until her face is pointing up a little and her back is straight, leaving her rigid across his lap; her eyes go wide, and he catches them—open, lost, empty, focused on nothing but the explosion of pleasure that’s about to go through her. Then it happens, and her eyes go tightly shut, and she melts into him again, dissolving into the rapid blows of his open hand on her ass, bucking and humping and shuddering all over as she comes.

When she finally goes slack, she desperately gropes after the vibe to turn it off, but can’t manage it, her hands are shaking so bad. He slips his hands into her rubber panties and turns off the tiny machine. Good thing the vibrator’s waterproof. Inside, the panties are molten, juices leaking out onto his leather pants and dribbling onto the bed.

She takes a deep breath, goes sliding out of his lap, and lands on the floor with her head on his thigh.

“The guests,” says Jessa. “We should get downstairs. How rude of us.”

Rachel has set up a whole blog just for this book. There’s a lot of good stuff over there and she’s constantly updating.

The next stop on the tour is August 28 at Sexy Prime. Check her out tomorrow.

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  • My favorite scenario is role playing. I want to be the naughty child or the strict auntie/uncle or the teacher. I also like scenarios where there’s a switch of some kind and the person who you would think would be in the bottoming position isn’t.

    Spanking is one of those things that I have little real-life BDSM experience with, though we did raise almost $100 once as a fundraiser. That, was in fact, my first public spanking scene. $1 a spank.

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  • JB

    I’m bad at scenarios. I’m good at spanking.

    I like over-the-knee. I’ve found that standing, straddling my leg can work VERY well, too.

    I dunno. I just like spanking. Oh, and sometimes BEING spanked, too. 🙂

  • SirLee

    My favorite spanking scenario I was a part of:
    I’m a FTM fag top, and with my first bioboyfriend it took me a long time to become comfortable with bottoming for PIV sex. One of the first times we had it, I spanked the hell out of his ass while he was fucking me. It changed the dynamic totally, giving me back the top control I had when fucking him while figuring out a whole new sex act. It’s still a fond memory.

  • My favorite spanking scenario is being laid over someone’s knee and spanked with their bare hands. Something about the lack of toys and flair that makes it special to me.


    Sakuras last blog post..Location

  • I love doing a hand spanking for a warm up followed by more and more stingy paddles, slappers, et cetera and finishing with the tawse. It leaves very pretty red stripes! A little wiggle is good, moaning is great!

  • Lately, I’m digging “surprise spankings.” Previously I preferred the more planned out scenes, but of late I’ve experienced some out of the blue spankings–my boyfriend and I in the middle of a conversation tossing me down, over his knee, pulling down my jeans or up my skirt, and whacking the shit out of my ass barehanded.

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  • I like it when Uncle Marty makes me spank his ass until my hand hurts!

    Jocastas last blog post..Any Asshole Can Buy a Shirt

  • Red

    The spanking starts with a smile – not a word is exchanged as smack after smack is laid out on the waiting ass. Other than the slaps, the only sound is the steadily intensifying breathing. Harder and harder and faster and faster…

    Reds last blog post..Lost: One Orgasm

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