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A subtle shift

April 14th, 2008 · No Comments

It’s Sunday morning. I’m propped up with pillows in Don Quixote’s bed. A cane is lying next to me. I have extracted it from the case he keeps next to the bed. DQ comes back into the room. Naked, bearing two mugs of coffee, he eyes the cane.

“What’s with the cane?”
“I am going to cane you.”
“You are?”
“Yes! Coffee and caning!”
“Because I want to.”

And that should be a good enough answer. Anyway, I don’t have a better answer. He sits on the bed.

He’s not in a good position for caning. “This is all you offer to me?” He doesn’t move. I sigh and begin to tap his upper arm. That’s all there is.

His upper arm is actually a fun spot to hit because he has an eye tattooed there and I can try to give him a black eye, or at least some blue or green eye shadow. But he does not bruise easily.

We drink our coffee and chat and I continue to tap away on the tattooed eye. And then I see a good angle to connect with a small part of his thigh. We sip some more and continue to chat. I enjoy caning his thigh.

“Lolita, I have a request.”
“Will you give me a few good hits on my back?”

I oblige and marvel at how the dynamic has shifted ever so slightly. As if it tilted just a degree or two; the scene went from being about me hitting him to being about him being hit by me.

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