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Thank you, Jay Wiseman

May 17th, 2009 · 19 Comments

“So, you want to get tied up?”

“I was hoping for that,” Don Quixote told me. “I also have this toy.” He waved a black rubber baton.

I got out his black hemp and tied his legs into crab ties. I then had him kneel on the bed and let him arrange the covers in a way to support his head and allow him to breathe. Then I tied his wrists to the crab ties. His ass was up in the air now and I could do whatever I wanted. I rummaged through his bag on butt toys. There was quite a variety. I picked the Aneros. It’s not a huge toy but it is shaped in a way that hits his prostate and his perineum just right. I lubed it up and lightly pressed it up against his asshole. He pushed back on it and it slid in easily.

I picked up the rubber baton. This toy can be a real killer. I started with a light tapping on his ass. I was comfortable on the bed and just taking my time gradually increasing the intensity. Sitting back and beating his ass makes me happy.

After a while, he reported to me, “My leg is started to hurt.”

“Like, what do you mean?”

“It’s the rope. And the position.”

“Well, is it loss of circulation or is it a nerve thing?”

No, not nerve. Just falling asleep. Tingly.”

“Oh, we don’t need to worry about that for a while. Jay Wiseman says that’s not an issue.” I continued beating him and then, “Aw geez, look at me quoting Jay Wiseman. In bed, no less!” I laughed.

After a while, I took him out of the rope. Of course, he was okay.

A couple of weeks later, Jay was teaching at TES. We listened as he told the story about his experiments with rope bondage and circulation. Jay loves busting safety myths.

Afterwards, we held hands on the way to the subway. “See? I told you that Jay said it was okay.”

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