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Question #2

March 6th, 2009 · No Comments

I have a question … how do feel about the term “sex positive” and what does it mean (if anything) to you?

It’s a new-ish term that I only heard a few years ago.  I think I first heard it from Felice Shays.  I understand it to mean being open and accepting towards all kinds of sex and sexualities.

My background was not so sex-positive.  Sex was never discussed when I was growing up.  When my mother had to tell me about sex, she got a book for me to read from the library and told me to ask her any questions I might have.  She also told me not to discuss this topic with anybody, not even my closest girlfriends.

When I began exploring sex, I did not find people to be very sex positive.  Nobody communicated.  A lot of people were not open to different ideas.  It was not until I got into the scene that I found people who could be open. I then found people who were into all kinds of stuff.

Lately I find the term sex positive as a catch word.  And even in the scene, not everybody really is sex positive.  As I find myself drifting more and more towards the queer communities and younger people doing new things, I am finding more the attitude that I like.

March is question month. You can ask your question and enter my Babeland contest here.

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