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February 9th, 2009 · 8 Comments

She emailed me two months before the party.  “I know your dance card fills up so I am asking you now for a playdate.”  I told her yes.

I ran into her a couple of weeks before the party.  “Don’t forget that we have a playdate.”  I assured that I certainly did remember and that I was looking forward to it.

I was happy to see her at the party. “I have permission to be marked.”

Oh! Permission to be marked! That changed things.

It is not like I go into a scene with a goal of marking someone. Not usually. However, she always has this limit that she can’t be marked. It is something that her partner does not like. So when I played with her before, I had to be cautious not to mark her. I prefer to not have to be worry about that.

“Well, that changes everything,”I told her. “Forget the rope bondage. We’re doing impact instead.”

It was a good scene. I could do what I wanted without worrying about bruising or cuts. However, as it turns out, I didn’t mark her much. Well, not until the end, that is. At the end, I bent her over and wrote on her with a fat Sharpie marker: Dear Sir, Thank you! xx Lolita

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