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A memory of Boymeat

March 5th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Boymeat and I attended the first Master/slave Conference in July 2004 in DC at the Marriott Residence Inn Thomas Circle. Attendance was much larger than anticipated and workshop space was limited. Master Taino came up with the idea of doing some smaller classes in actual standard hotel rooms. He wanted these classes to be SM scenes, not to teach technique, but to teach how SM was used in D/s relationships.

So I came up with this title and description:

Putting A Boy In His Place

This D/s relationship between leather siblings includes teaching, mentoring and nurturing. However there is a darker side that includes bullying, thuggery and humiliation. It starts when we explain the context of our eight years together and ends with the boy in a heap on the floor.

Beyond the title and the description, we did not do any other preparation or rehearsal. I wanted this to just happen and see where it would go. The room was packed with people sitting on the bed and on the floor and standing against the walls and furniture. I started talking and let Boymeat talk. We spoke about our history together. The further along we got the more domineering I became. And I began bullying him and punching him and her fell to the floor where I kicked him. I did not stop until he was a crying in a fetal position.

I really allowed my inner asshole to come out and play. That’s something I do not get to do very often. Not many people I can do that with. I can get really savage with Boymeat. Really mean and nasty. As a rule I protect Boymeat and defend him from others. Any time anybody wants to hurt him, they have to go through me. We are immensely loyal to each other. But it does feel good to crush him under my boot every once in a while.

I got to that space where I had focused on him and me. I had blocked out everyone else’s presence. But at the end, as I gathered him to me and stroked him while he cried, there was the class to deal with. I don’t remember who was at the class. And I don’t remember what we talked about after the scene. But I do remember people liked it.

It’s not a class that we will do again. No.

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