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August 24th, 2004 · No Comments

Volume 10, Number 15 © Copyright 2004 by Lolita Wolf – Material may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written consent of the copyright holder. The views expressed herein are exclusively those of the author and do not represent the views of any other person or any organization with which the author may be associated.

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">Shabaricon). I got him for a bargain basement price of only $20! On Friday night I cashed in and made a date with him to tie me and suspend me! I have been suspended several times but never Japanese style. It was very strenuous – I even broke out into a sweat. MorTis is a cocky son-of-a-bitch, but he is a marvelous rope top, very careful and very caring and respectful.

One of the coolest things about the event is that we had five members of my leather family there. That was even a question on the Scavenger Hunt (actually by Sunday we were six, because Monica (aka my Uncle Nico Boy) showed up. On Saturday night, my family and their play partners took a corner of the dungeon and played together and next to each other. This is my favorite way to play. I love when we play like that and we can look up from what we are doing and see each other in the middle of other scenes.

I had quite the Saturday night! Since Momma Bear and I both had play dates with Susan and Peggy, we decided to co-top them both. “Oh, shit, now we’re really fucked,” said Peggy. We started with Susan. This was a real treat for me because I had never co-topped with Momma Bear. We used canes. In the past co-topping with other people with canes has never worked because of accuracy and timing issues but we got into a really great groove together and it was much fun for all three of us. Momma Bear is a really amazing player. What a treat!

When it was time to play with Peggy, she was having a rough time. The dungeon was a bit cold for play. I did everything I could do to warm her up. I even lit her on fire. But we finally gave up and she went up to bed. Regina was attracted to the fire and wanted to try it so I did a little fire with her, too. It was a cherry. I also did a heavy flogging/whipping scene with someone who left NYC about a decade ago and now lives in Ohio.

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">Tenzing Momo at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. It’s about $12/oz. and will definitely restore the scent of leathers. Use it very, very sparingly – concentrated, it will stain light colors and leave oil spots on all shades and black. You can mix the essential oil with wood alcohol or Everclear 190 proof ethanol (LOL) about 1:24 and mist it lightly on the object. Or you can spray it behind your ears and see where that gets you, too.”

Someone else said that they found the following web site for leather scent:

Cub Spencer (Great Plains BootBlack 2004) says, “If you go to most pet stores or pet departments in larger stores (Walmart) they sell a bag that hangs over a pets “smelly areas”. It pulls the odors out of the air and the walls, carpets, and such around it! It may take a week to notice a difference but it should work the same. (I believe these are mostly charcoal type blends.) I know of a couple of cigar smokers that keep them near their “smoking chairs” at home, and it seems to keep the smell from getting in the fabrics and getting stale.”

**** Thanks to all the bootblacks who helped with this. ****

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">

1031-273Y Dr. Vittoria Repetto – Chiropractor / Applied Kinesiologist / Nutritional Consultation. Dedicated to providing my patients with the holistic therapies and the personalized education they need to regain and maintain their optimal health. 285 West B’way @ Canal St., NYC 212 – 431 – 3724
One of the Top Ten NYC Chiropractors: New Life Magazine, Sept 2001.

1034-278Y Purple Passion / DV8, we have one of the largest selections of corsets, leather, latex & PVC clothing for men and women. We do custom corsets, clothing and harnesses. We now have art work for sale and our next show will open this weekend. Hours: Wed Noon-7pm, Thurs & Fri Noon-9pm, Sat Noon-8pm Sun Noon-7pm. Mon & Tues Noon-7pm. 211 West 20th Street. Tel 212-807-0486,

1032-283H The Baroness, designer of Elegant, Provocative Latex Fashions. The Fetish Retinue will start up again September 12. or call 212 529 5964.

1017-284B EXPLORE THE HEAT, HEART & SPIRIT OF BDSM – Dominant Women and Women who switch, empower your self & develop the skills you need to become the Top you want be and make your scenes soar. Cleo Dubois Academy of S/M Arts and Sybil Holiday offer: EROTIC DOMINANCE INTENSIVES FOR WOMEN Players Course – October 28-31, enrolling now! Each San Francisco Intensive is Limited to 8 women. Info -Email:

1018-285B CAMPCRUCIBLE.COM – September 9 – 13, 2004. FIVE days at the 7th best summer camp facility in the US! Day passes available for Sat and/or Sun. Offering the usual: Pony Camp, BDSM classes, multiple dungeons, kidnappings, Roy’s Camp Store, embroidery by NeedlePlay, etc. etc.

Your ad could be here! Email me if you are interested.

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend
August 27-29 in Indianapolis

Camp Crucible
September 9-13 in Southeastern PA

Dark Odyssey
September 15-20 in Northern Maryland

New Jersey Leather Weekend
September 24-26 in Asbury Park, NJ

FolsomFringe: smOdyssey Unleashed
September 24-26 in San Jose, CA

Pacific Friction
October 8-11 in Portland, OR
(I am teaching Caning and How To Be A Greedy Pig)

Oct 8-10 in Amsterdam

Dungeon 901
October 15-17 in Ft Lauderdale, FL


October 21-24 in NYC

Together in Leather

October 22-24 in Charlotte, NC

Black Rose XVII
November 5-7 in New Carrollton, MD

GMSMA Leatherfest

November 13 in NYC
(I am teaching Sensory Deprivation & Control)

Servant’s Retreat

November 19-21 in Queens, NY

Fetish Fair Fleamarket
December 17-19 in Boston, MA

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">NYC skateboarder branded by manhole cover. Not consensual but I think it looks neat!

Superboy gets spanked in 1959.

Have fun! Play safe!
Lolita Wolf

Lolita speaking only for Lolita, of course!

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