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Q&A Number 2: Professional Domination

April 8th, 2012 · No Comments

Q.  Hi I’m trying to break into the world of being a dominatrix but I am not sure where I should get started. I was going to post ads but I don’t know where. I was going to have the meetings at hotels but I was concerned about safety. Also I wanted to know all the different fetishes, I didn’t want to get a client that request something I wasn’t comfortable with myself. I love spanking, giving and receiving and the thought of punishing people is very appealing to me. Any help you can offer would be amazing. I live in NY and I’m hoping this will be a fun lucrative thing for me. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks in advance!!!

A. Most of the dominatrixes (pro doms) that I know started out working for one of the “professional houses of domination.” While you would be splitting the money with them, they are often a very good way to get your feet wet and learn. Most of the houses will give you some training and the better ones even have ongoing classes and bring in educators with specialties. Many pro doms also go to classes at TES, DSF or Purple Passion. And the pro doms at the houses learn from each other. Assisting an experienced pro dom in a session is a great way to learn.

The houses place ads, maintain websites and have an existing client base and a reputation. They screen clients and you are then not alone in a hotel room with a stranger. It’s much safer for you. There are also rooms with play equipment.

Spankings and punishment are very popular activities, but you may need to broaden your interests to build up a good clientele. You can always refuse to do things you don’t want to do. The best way to deal with that is to refer them to another pro dom who can handle that activity.

Here’s some of the places you may want to check out:
The Dungeons of Mistress Elizabeth
Fortress NYC
The Hidden Chamber
Le Salon DeSade
Pandora’s Box
Tara Indiana’s Den of Iniquity

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