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Safety Scissors

April 19th, 2011 · 1 Comment

You never need them until you need them. And at some point, you will need them. Trust me, you will.

I needed them about 10 years ago with two bottoms who were tied up together. One of them got nauseous. I cut the rope in time so he wouldn’t throw up on her. Unfortunately, it was a dungeon with a really nice carpet, Yuck!

But, really, you usually never need them.┬áIt’s just a good idea to have them, just in case.

I was at an event recently. I had someone securely tied up to a chair. And I heard someone yelling, “Does anyone have safety scissors?” Mine were in the front pocket of my toy bag. I grabbed them and told my bottom to stay put. He wasn’t going anywhere and he was okay with me going. He may have even been happy that his balls would be getting a break.

I brought the scissors to the other scene. The bottom had passed out while tied in a harness to a cross. She was cut out of the ropes and I returned to my scene.

If you go to any rope class or read any rope bondage book, everyone emphatically tells you to have safety scissors on hand. They are cheap. We sell them at Purple Passion for $4.00. Other places sell them as well. You have no reason to not have them. (BTW I prefer the brightly colored handles so that you can locate them easily in a dark dungeon or a toybag filled with dark objects.)

Please own a pair of EMT safety scissors and carry them with you when you play. There may not always be another person around to help you.

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  • 1 PantherProwLs // Apr 19, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Although I am not a big guy, I’ve spent My entire working life in rescue work. The EMT/trauma shears are great, but I also recommend having a rescue hook/cutter AND a blunt-tipped rescue knife at hand as well. All three of these cutters have something good to be said for them, and each one MAY be the ideal tool for the job at some point in time. I would carry all three if I was doing more rope….


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