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Mollena Williams added to 100 Divas

June 20th, 2009 · 14 Comments

The 100 Divas list is a perfect cruising tool.  At Sex 2.0 I told Mollena that she was eligible for the list.  She seemed pretty skeptical about the whole thing until Barbara Carellas, who was sitting with us, began to squee about the spanking I gave her.  It’s good to have references.  Mo emailed me shortly after that to make a date for Shibaricon.

Cut to: Saturday night at Shibaricon, the most crowded night of the weekend.  We wandered around looking for a spot to play.  I had an idea about what I wanted to do, but could be flexible depending on what piece of equipment we could obtain.  The only piece not in use in the dungeon was a hanging cage.  We asked a DM if the cage could be removed so that we could use the frame and they very willingly took care of our request.

I took my time tying Mollena.  We weren’t in a rush.  I wanted to savor her while I lay the ropes on her luscious body.  I tied a modified chest harness and tied it to the frame. I bent her over so that she was not too steady on her feet.  I began to spank her.  Slowly and lightly at first.  I knew she liked a warm-up.  I ramped up bit by bit as I could feel her body respond.  She moaned as the spanks became more intense.  It was a good sound.

After I while, I began slamming my whole body into her butt.  I held onto the rope and worked up a violent frenzy.  I was happy that the frame was strong and could take it.  Mo could also take it.  That rocking- slamming motion was what she needed to come.  And she gushed all over my petticoat.

Mo was a bit embarrassed about mussing my frock, but it was no big deal.  It dried quickly and it is handwashable.  She provided me with the best aftercare of all: a gourmet chocolate truffle!

You can see Mollena’s post about the weekend here.

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