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May 27th, 2009 · 1 Comment

I attended my first Shibaricon weekend and I had a great time.  I traveled and shared a room with Viviane and, once again, she proved herself to be a great travel buddy.

I went to a lot of classes and learned a lot of new ways to tie.  Almost all the classes had a lot of hands-on practice so we really got to do everything.  I went to Lee Harrington‘s beginner class with Viviane and she tied me up.  There were a lot of great riggers getting tied up in the beginner classes.

I also went to Tony Buff and Derek DaSilva’s class, One Rope, Two Knots, Three Ties.  When Tony Buff  asked for a demo bottom, I raised my hand and cried “Ooh ohh!” (just like Horshack).  It was a crazy fangirl moment and he picked me.  Swoon!   After that, I did some tying in their Partial Suspension Rigging For Play class.

My favorite classes were with Mike West.  That guy is hot and he really knows his shit and he is a very good instructor as well.  I learned a lot of neat things from him.  I also took a class with Scott Smith and did my first inverted suspension.

There were also some private teaching moments.  Julia showed me a couple of neat tricks that she learned from Mark Yu‘s class.  I taught someone else how to do various cock and ball bondage ties.  One funny moment was when I did a helicopter.  She was freaked out by this and worried about her partner.  I took one look and said, “Nah, look at how hard his cock got from that.  He liked that best of all!”  She looked at his big hard-on and was surprised yet very happy to see that.  Hard cocks don’t lie!

The dungeon was open three nights and had great bondage equipment. I played a lot.  I’ll most likely be telling some of those stories in a later post(s).

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  • 1 Mollena // May 27, 2009 at 11:11 am

    You. Are. Awesome!!!

    Can I just say I am still grinning?

    And can I also say you should totally send me the dry-cleaning bill for your adorable crinoline?



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