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Sex 2.0 – Part 1

May 13th, 2009 · 4 Comments

The big event on Friday night was Porn & Brownies, hosted by Cunning Minx.  Nobody was really watching the porn, because we were all too busy saying hello and catching up with folks.  Viviane and I went to bed a bit early because we were really exhausted.  Of course, right after we left, the sex got started.  We know because while certain people were having sex, others pulled out their phones and twittered it.  Once you get outside the BDSM community, it seems that there is no expectation of privacy.  It’s a different world.

Melissa Gira Grant

The actual Sex 2.0 day began at 9:15am Saturday morning with a keynote speech delivered in a “This American Life” style with Audacia Ray as Ira Glass and Melissa Gira Grant as David Sedaris.  Melissa spoke about her relationship with one of the fathers of the internet who also happened to be the father of the boy she was dating at the time.  I loved the story and how it was told.  However, I was confused that she also mentioned that she felt uncomfortable and like she didn’t fit in at the event.  I felt like it was an odd statement to include and it  actually made me feel uncomfortable.  I know there was some behind-the-scenes griping, but I never knew exactly what that was about.  For me, the weirdness quickly dissipated as I participated in the workshops and met more people.

My favorite class was the one that I requested during the planning of the conference: “Podcasting 101” with Nobilis Reed & Ellie Lumpesse.  This session was jam-packed with great info.  I may start podcasting!  The two other classes that I particularly liked were “Craigslist Red, Craigslist Blue: Why we should dismantle the ‘internet red light district’” with Melissa Gira Grant and Joanne McNeil and “Revisiting Naked on the Internet” with Audacia Ray, Furry Girl,  Melissa Gira Grant and Amber Rhea.

The vendor area was hopping.  I got a chance to meet Erik Van Riper from, who is one of my blog’s sponsors.  I also donated my huge collection of hotel toiletries at the H.I.P.S. table, where they were collecting for sex workers in need.  I also bought a really cool T-shirt from the folks at St James Infirmary.  Other vendors included NCSF, WholeDC and ForYour Nymphomation.

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