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Cousins in pigtails

April 22nd, 2009 · 14 Comments

The only thing my Daddy likes better than playing with his little girl is playing with two little girls. So Daddy was very happy when my cousin came over to play. The first thing we did was fix our hair. My cousin has beautiful black long hair like a Cherokee princess. We both put our hair in pigtails with sparkly glitter hair bands. And at that very instant, Daddy’s dick got hard. He loves little girls in pigtails.

We made him take his pants off and lie on the bed. Because we knew that sometimes Daddy can be dirty, we put down a couple of towels. We did not want to mess up the pretty white bedspread.

We went into Daddy’s toybag and found all sorts of butt toys that ranged in size from a little bit bigger than a finger to bigger than any human cock could ever be. My cousin poured out some lube and worked one finger into Daddy’s butt. He moaned. She worked slowly and then was able to put a Nexus toy into his butt. His ass just slurped that in and the base rested on his perineum.

While all this butt play was going on, I amused myself with clamps. Daddy had brought a whole big bag of wooden clothespins. I knew just what to do with them because he had shown me a picture of a man with clamps on his balls. I pulled on the skin of his balls and added clamp after clamp until there was a huge number of clamps.

Daddy made a lot of sounds: grunts, groans and moans. I was not sure if it was pain or something else. And I didn’t know if the sounds came from what I was doing or from what my cousin was doing. By this point, she was shoving her fingers up his ass.

All too soon, we had to stop. My cousin had to go meet her Daddy and my Daddy had to go to work. I hope my cousin can play with us again soon.

PS It was good that we put those towels down.

PPS: All participants in this story are consenting adults. This was role play.

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