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Sex Toy Review: ShowerBabe

March 26th, 2009 · 2 Comments

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The ShowerBabe is one of Babeland’s own vibrators. I first tried using it on a dry bed. I was surprised at how much power it had for a vibrator that takes just two AA batteries. I was again surprised when I pushed the On/Off button a second time and realized that it had two speeds. Sweet! It’s nowhere near as powerful as a Hitachi, but I was quite pleased.

My next adventure with the ShowerBabe was in a bathtub. I am happy to report that not only is it well-sealed and does not leak, but it also floats!  While this is not so important in the bathtub, it is crucial for when I want to use it in a swimming pool.  And I definitely will use it in a pool.  I plan to take it with me to Leather Retreat for when I want to float with friends in the sun on one of those big air mattresses.  It will also be an important part of my Water Bondage class at TES Fest.  I love adding a vibrator to my bondage scenes and
now I have one that can be used in the water.

The ShowerBabe is a bright cerise pink color which will make it easy to spot in the pool.  It is made of a hard plastic so it can be used with silicone lube which is exactly what you need when playing in water.  Another bonus feature is the cutout that makes it easy for me to grip.  I may run a rope through that cutout so it will be easy to hold onto in the pool.

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The ShowerBabe is a very affordable $20 and an excellent addition to my toy collection.

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