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March 9th, 2009 · 3 Comments

KinkForAllNYC (KFANYC) was a real success.  Over 100 people showed up for some portion of the day.  It was an “unconference” and that means that those who showed up determined what would happen and made it happen.  The crowd was a mix of familiar faces and lots of people I had never seen before.  A lot of young people.  A lot of tech savvy types.

People brought food to share (I brought 4.5 pounds of grapes).  There was wireless so we could send out info to the people who could not be there.  I took photos and posted them to the group pool.  People wore name tags that were marked with whether they were comfortable with being photographed.  People were live blogging, twittering and taping sessions.

Anybody could take a session slot and teach or lead a discussion.  Each session was 20 minutes.  There were a lot of different topics covered.  Topics pertaining to art, culture, activism, sexuality, gender, BDSM techniques, etc.  There were 45 classes in all.  Many of these classes sparked discussions both in the classes and afterward.  I think it will lead to many more.

I loved it!

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Sascha taught.
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Maymay was one of the “unorganizers.”
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Audacia Ray on Twitter.
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I did a Suturing 101 class and Christina was my demo bottom.
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This is a close up of the pretty suturing that I did at my class.
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Nayland taught a class on Erotic Photography.
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Barbara Carellas taught a Sex Magic Quickie.
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Jason taught a class on Vet Wrap, the toy he loves most.
3338360521 b1221b5563 KFANYC
Sinclair taught a class on Gender & Relationships.
3338469093 180322d9ee KFANYC
Boymeat ranted about Leather Evolution and also did a caning demo.
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Sara Eileen was one of the “unorganizers.

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  • Thor Stockman

    I’m so surprised and impressed that this event allowed photography! I love the new out.

    Now if we can do something about the vast majority (especially het) that will only use “scene names.”

    You take great photographs — as nice as your beadwork!

  • sinclair

    your suturing demo was fantastic – I expected it to be much more hardcore (someone made a joke about suturing someone’s mouth shut, !!) but that necklace was so lovely!

    great photos too, btw! thanks for sharing them! if you have others of me (and it is easy) would you mind emailing them to me? will credit you of course.

    sinclairs last blog post..Two Lezzys!? Really!?

  • Lolita

    Thanks, Thor! Change happens slowly. This event was a start.

    Thanks, Sinclair! I am usually not so hardcore and I love the pretty. I will email you some photos.