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A boy and his sleepsack

December 12th, 2008 · 20 Comments

He brought his sleepsack to the party. He was hoping to find someone to put him into it. He had a definite good shot at that because there were some other bondage aficionados there. And he wasn’t even the only one there with a custom Mr. S sleepsack!

Well, being one of those bondage freaks myself, I had him bring the sleepsack over to a massage table. I told him to undress. He sat up in the sleepsack while I laced him into his leather hood and then I helped him slip his arms into the inner sleeves and I zipped him up really tight. I used rope to tighten the sack even more. He wouldn’t be able to move at all.

I then slipped a Mini Bullet vibrator between the rope and the zipper. I have several of these. They’re cheap and very small. There’s one in every toy bag I own. He began to moan when he felt the vibrations. The bullet is small, but pretty intense for its size.

I then unsnapped the tit flaps which exposed his pink perky nipples. I pulled and twisted on them. After a while I added some clamps. I always keep a couple of clamps in every toy bag. It’s just another little staple that’s always handy in almost any scene.

Next I directed my attention to his crotch. One big long zipper goes all the way from feet to neck of the sleepsack. It is brilliantly designed with three zipper pulls so that you can open a section in the middle while all else stays zipped shut. I opened the zipper slightly and dug out his cock and balls, pulling first by the scrotum. Where the scrotum goes, the balls will follow; and then the cock will, too.

I used my hot pink parachute cord to stretch his balls really tight and then I tied his cock to his balls. I took the Mini Bullet vibrator and put it in a black latex glove and shoved it in between his cock and balls.

Afterwards, he told me that this time in the sleepsack was most intense of all. I was surprised by that, but he explained that every other time had been very quiet and not at a party with a lot of other scenes happening at the same time.  Hearing the sounds of play in the dungeon was pretty freaky for him.

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