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October 14th, 2008 · No Comments

It’s October and that means that it’s the two year anniversary of hooking up with my fuckbuddy, Don Quixote. It’s not the kind of occasion that we’ll celebrate. It’s not that kind of relationship. But it is a milestone for me to pause and review the relationship.

In a nutshell, I am having a great time. I don’t want to change the relationship at all.

I have, however, been getting a bunch of shit from Boymeat who thinks that the relationship has progressed beyond fuckbuddy, and that by clinging onto the fuckbuddy term, I am in denial about that. Au contraire, I think the relationship fits my definition of fuckbuddy perfectly:

  1. They should be hot and they should think I am hot, too.
  2. They should be open to sex with any gender (so we can have threesomes).
  3. They wouldn’t become some psycho stalker.
  4. The word “fuckbuddy” is fuck plus buddy and both sides of that are important.
  5. They should be a busy person with decent scheduling skills.
  6. They should be smart.
  7. They should be fun.
  8. They should be sexually talented.

On the other hand, I do agree that fuckbudy isn’t always a good word for it. I did some research looking for a good word to describe our relationship and I couldn’t find anything. I talked to Don Quixote about it and he thinks the word fuckbuddy is okay and doesn’t want to change the relationship either. But he did agree that a new word would be okay. When I came up with the word “jellybean,” he liked it.

So, he’s not only my fuckbuddy, but he’s also my jellybean. It’s a customized relationship and now it has its own special word.

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