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Fuerza Bruta

August 26th, 2008 · No Comments

Boymeat, Dara and I went to see Fuerza Bruta. Boymeat and I had enjoyed De La Guarda a few years back and this was produced by the same people. We waited in line for about two hours for rush tickets. They sell 20 tickets two hours before each performance for just $25. We scored our tickets and went off to dinner before the show.

The show is general admission with no seating at all. The performance moves around, above and through the audience. We checked our bags so that we would not be encumbered. When we went upstairs to the performance space, I got all pouty when I found out we could use our cameras at the show and mine was checked in my bag. But then I realized I would enjoy the show more without the camera. So I just relaxed and took it all in.

Some guy approached me. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but he took my hand and we walked closer together and watched for a while. Okaaay….Then he told me to climb the stairs to get on stage. Oh! I finally figured out the guy was part of the show! Duh! So I got up there and danced with them. And we all stood still every time the ceiling dropped and exploded on our heads. And then we resumed dancing. It was wild.

What was really wild was the applause and the people treating me like I was such a big deal. They were all telling me how great they thought I was. One girl who waited in line with us came over and hugged me. Two people called me awesome. So funny.

Hooray for Boymeat for getting a picture of this with his new iPhone just so I could show the folks back home.

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