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The last straw hat

August 18th, 2008 · 5 Comments

If you like rubber and fetish, is now hosting the Marquis videos from Germany.
The White Room series is now available. Very slick!

Tinkerbelll, Cinderella and Snow White were arrested and handcuffed!

Dark Odyssey Summer Camp just posted their finalized list of presenters and classes. Rates go up August 25.

Modern marriage. Some people get married or (divorced) because of health insurance.

The Blade article claims that many gay folk in the bondage and SM scene relate more to the leather community than the LGBT community.

The Newark Star Ledger infiltrated The Floating World. They mention classes on gagging and power flogging… maybe they went to one of my classes.

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  • Cleo

    all in all this article couldve been much worse. much Better, but much worse. what gets me is that Jon was definitely Not fetisihizing the abuse of prisoners.

  • Cleo

    whoops, forgot to mention… I didnt see an article via your link. I did a search on the website once there and it brought up an article about FW.

  • I fixed the link!

  • Dan Andersen

    Actually, they TRIED to infiltrate TFW, but they got caught by security both times. The article is based mostly on outside interviews and stuff they culled off the TFW website.

    BTW – Bo said a lot of nice things about TES but they never made it into the article.

  • I cant believe that they got caught!