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Leather Retreat 2008 – My Dolly

July 21st, 2008 · 33 Comments

Tristan Kingsley and Nika Noire on

Tristan Kingsley and Nika Noire on

On Friday night the Sex-O-Rama hosted three parties: a maledom party, a femdom party and a queer party. I checked out the queer party. Other than a scene going on in the sling, it was mostly clusters of groups socializing on the couches. I noticed the red-haired dolly right away. Nobody was playing with her and she did not seem to belong to anybody.

I went over and touched her. She felt so lifelike. I think she was one of those RealDolls. She was life-sized, but still smaller than me so it was only just a little awkward to maneuver her around.

I took her over to one of the less crowded corners. Somebody was sitting on the couch there. “Can I spank my dolly here?” I asked. The person got up right away. It is common etiquette in a play space that play takes precedence over sitting around.

I bent the dolly over my knee. She was a bit stiff. Like maybe she wasn’t really supposed to bend that way. She flopped over face first onto the couch. The dolly wore a short little skirt. First I smoothed it out for modesty sake and touched her through her clothes. But after a while I got curious to see what was underneath. I lifted her skirt and she had these beautiful pale blue panties with a little keyhole detail at the top. Very soft.I fondled her ass through her panties. The dolly was anatomically perfect. Her ass was full and round. My palm wrapped around each cheek perfectly. She was like a custom doll fitted just for me. I became more bold and moved her panties out of the way. I rubbed her butt with my hand. She was so soft like human flesh.

I sat back and lightly spanked the dolly on my lap and watched the party for a little bit. There was a bit more activity and the sling had a group around it. I spanked the dolly a little more intensely and got a rhythm going. I was very happy spanking the dolly. All of a sudden the dolly shuddered a bit. Uh oh! Was there some kind of internal mechanism that I had jolted? Did I break the dolly?

I don’t think anybody noticed anything wrong. The dolly seemed to be working okay again. I decided to pretend like nothing bad happened. I pulled on the dolly’s long red hair until she sat up again. She looked okay and it even seemed like her smile was bigger. Maybe that was just my imagination. I held her in my lap for a while.

Then I stood her up and straightened out her outfit. The party was a bit more crowded and there more people near us. I lifted the dolly’s skirt ad showed her behind to people. “Look at my dolly! Doesn’t she have pretty panties?” I liked showing off the dolly.

It was time for midnight snack. I left the party and left the dolly behind. Maybe someone else would want to play with her. I hoped it was somebody who would not cut her pretty red hair.

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