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Puffy Leather Hood

June 18th, 2008 · 30 Comments

I slipped my new Mr S Puffy Leather Hood on and laced myself into it. It’s got a locking post but I did not bother locking it on. It was tight, yet comfortable with lots of padding. My head was engulfed in the soft leather and I could smell the newness of it. I had made sure that my vibrator was at hand and began to play. I had not put anything down underneath me, because, usually, without any penetration, I do not worry about getting messy. Oh, but I as wrong. I felt the orgasm build up inside of me. I was breathing with it and getting just enough air through the grommet holes. And then I started to come. I could feel my pussy begin to gush. It would be messy. I thought for a quick instance that I could stop the gushing, but no, I wanted it, but no I didn’t want to make a mess. And then I was resigned to making a mess. I came huge and made a mess.

It’s good that my bed is big enough that I didn’t have to sleep in the wet spot. And good that the hood could muffle the large noise I made as I came. I love my new hood and look forward to exploring more ways to play with it.

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