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A Big Hole in Her Crotch

March 5th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Photo by Viviane

She showed up at the party and wore these fishnets that had a huge hole in the crotch. Of course, I had to say something. “Hey, you have a big hole in your crotch.”
“I know.”
“It looks like you were rubbing yourself and ripped them. That’s nasty.” I was a bit ingenuous.
“No, they came this way. They are supposed to be this way.”
“Oh, that’s even worse. You are so slutty. You should be spanked.”

She did not disagree. She is too smart to try to win that argument with me. The slut wanted the spanking.

We found a spot on one of the couches. She lay comfortably across my lap and I began to swat her ass. She moaned and kept moaning as her ass got redder and hotter. Because she was such a slut, I made her suck a guy’s cock while I spanked her. Not just any guy – a Republican in a tuxedo. She managed to take his huge cock down her throat and, as she moaned around it, I continued to whack her ass.

After the spanking, the slut sat up next to me. She reached into her bag and pulled out a plastic baggie. I grabbed the baggie. “What’s this?”
“CBT toys to use on my boyfriend.”
“All these toys would work great on your tits, too.”

I removed a black leather strap with two rings and exclaimed, “Oh! I used to have a few straps like these. I gave them away to Leather Pride Night because I just had too much stuff.”
“Really! We bought this at the LPN Flea Market two years ago.”
“Well, this must have been mine.”
“Wow! That was before I met you. We love this strap. It’s so versatile.”

I went ahead and showed her how versatile it was by wrapping it around her tits. I then took the pink lacing out of the baggie. The slut had learned from me that pink lacing is the best for CBT. Ha! I used that to bind her tits some more. Then I topped that all off with some of clips. Voila!

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  • 1 Viviane // Mar 5, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    Your piranha imitation was my favorite. xx

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