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The Secret Room

January 22nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

After dinner, Don Quixote and I sat in the living room. We talked and then he suggested that I go look in the Secret Room.

“Oh!” I leapt up and rushed to the room. The door was closed but the light was on. I peered in and the light was shining brightly onto a chain on the floor. The chain sparkled all shiny and new. It was attached with a purple lock to a ring that was installed into the baseboard. I picked up the chain, aware of how loud it sounded on the bare parquet floor.

“That ring is solidly attached,” DQ was behind me viewing my awe. Here was my fantasy coming to reality. My emotions were part excitement and part trepidation. DQ was also excited. He pulled his cock out through his fly. It was hard. I tugged on his scrotum and pulled his balls out, too.

“I am going to chain you up and keep you here.”

I began to run the chain through my hands. DQ had a sense of what I was doing. “Are you actually measuring the length of the chain?”


“It will reach my bed so that when you are chained up I can use you there.”

“But it won’t reach the bathroom! If you keep me chained up in here, how will I pee?”

“Oh, but I thought of that.” DQ reached into a bag and pulled out a chamberpot. An old-fashioned enamel pot with a handle.

My mouth dropped. Wow! He had really thought this through. “It’s perfect!”

“Good. I am going to chain you up now.” He wrapped the chain around my waist and used another big purple lock to secure it. He then told me to get onto the bed. “You have too many clothes on.” He proceeded to undress me. And then there I was naked, wearing nothing but the chain around my waist.

“You’re my Captive Princess and you are mine to use. All mine.” And use me, he did. We had great sex and the chain didn’t get in the way at all.

Afterwards we lay in the bed and I realized that I should pee after sex. (Very important in order to avoid urinary tract infections.) So I got up and went into the Secret Room and squatted over the chamberpot. The sound of my piss tinkling into the metal pot was so loud. I loved the sound.

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  • 1 Miss // Jan 25, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    ahh so exciting…. does this mean there is a chance I really WILL get to live in the drawer under your bed, only to be taken out when you and/or guests want to use me? eeek!!

    note-2-self… “careful what you wish for Molly”

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