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Molly’s DO Story by Molly

October 28th, 2007 · No Comments

Molly and Marcus at camp
photo by Barbara Nitke

Here is Molly’s story as written by Molly herself.

I can’t remember when exactly it was, the first time Marcus proposed to me. I think it was within the first minute of meeting him at camp. Well, at least it was in the first minute of talking to him. Before we spoke, we worked together for about an hour on kidnapping and gang raping a guy we’d never met. It was all consensual like, I mean the guy did ask for it (literally). When the scene was winding down Marcus looked at me and said, “Hi.” Then he said, “What’s your story?” … “Do you want to run away with me and get married and live happily ever after?” I think that’s how it went. I don’t remembering saying Yes, but Marcus obviously thought I did, because he would introduce me to various perverts in the dining room, “This is Molly, we just met and we are running away together and getting married”. I thought that was the kinkiest thing, a marriage proposal at a BDSM Sex Camp. I thought, How WRONG is That? I LOVE IT!! This was my first time at Dark Odyssey, and I could see I was going to like it. Meeting Marcus right at the start of camp was the best thing that could have happened.

In all my BDSM and kinky play I’ve always been a Top. When Barbara Carellas told me she was taking me to Dark Odyssey – a place for people to try things they’ve never done before, I made a deal with myself that I would do LOTS of first time things and I would also NOT be a Top – I wanted to try out being a bottom, being submissive and seeing how it goes. OK! its true – you wouldn’t have known that I was there to learn how to bottom if you saw me at the kidnapping scene with my riding crop and wearing those thigh-high full length black rubber boots with 7 inch stiletto heels like Catwoman- but hey, it’s not like I had to refuse to top anyone if given the chance, right?

Well, anyway, the experiment of “Molly Learns How To Bottom and Do loads a First Time Stuff” definitely started to happen as camp went on. Barbara C asked me to be the demo bottom for her “Erotic Awakening Massage for People with Pussies” class, and if you were there, you will know from the 5 minute full-body orgasm I had on the table that I loved it. I was the luckiest demo bottom at sex camp. Barbara and I have done that massage many times, but i had never done it in front of an audience of 50 people. So it was still kinda First Time. I love things that are ‘first time’, did I tell you?

After the erotic awakening, I felt all amazing and floaty. I bumped into Marcus on the lawn. We went off to the foot worshipping class, but we couldn’t concentrate on it, so we ran away to Lolita’s power flogging lesson. We were a bit late arriving and we sat in the back row. Lolita was telling us about flogging. I love Lolita, I just met her here at camp cause she let me join her Cabin. I can’t hear the details of what’s she is saying because Marcus and I are distracted. We start kissing. He slips his hand down my jeans and onto my pussy. Its dripping wet, and he moans into my ear at how soft and wet my pussy feels, he lets out another moan as his fingers discover the cold hard metal of my piercings. What a combination it is. Cold hard metal rings in a soft warm silky wet pussy… I can feel that I am about to cum. At that point, Lolita is giving tips to the class about techniques for making a girl cum by flogging her, the energy in the class is building as the girl on the cross is being flogged to the point of orgasm, no one notices that I am also hitting orgasm in the back row. I bite hard into Marcus’s cheek as I let out a scream of ecstasy – its so muffled, no one seems to notice, and anyways, the girl on the cross is screaming way louder than me. So the flogging demonstration is over and its time for the students to do the practical. Marcus and I flog each other, but we are distracted because we just want to fuck each other. Lolita comes over and puts her hand in my pants and screams “My god, Molly, you are so wet!!!”

I don’t know if I ever told Marcus about wanting to be Topped at camp, but either way, we worked it out. He threw me on the bed in “the whorehouse” that afternoon and told me I better “Stop thinking it’s all about what you want, Molly.” He flipped my body and legs and arms around how he wanted them as he fucked me – always with that scary look and that Elvis style lip he gets when he is fucking – making me cum over and over again. I start speaking in this very small voice, nothing like my voice, “You’re scaring me Marcus. why do you want to scare me?” I’ve never heard that voice, it just came out of me and it sounded very fragile and vulnerable, even though most of the time I felt safe with him … but then suddenly there was a time once when Marcus really did scare me… my little voice saying “You are scaring me” wasn’t going to make him stop… I had to really focus and do everything to find my very strongest voice and yell “Marcus!!” to let him know I really was fucking scared. A couple times I didn’t know if I could stay in the headspace of this game with Marcus or not, but I did and we went somewhere incredible on a few occasions at camp. Marcus wrote about some of it here.

But back to the whorehouse – we’re still fucking and some people walk in to set up the whorehouse for the night. We realize that the whorehouse isn’t even open yet and we’ve already fucked in about 4 of the beds. We apologize to them. No-one seems to mind – they go ahead and set up the place for the night and we just keep on fucking. I have forever wanted to be fucked anally by someone who really knows what they’re doing, I say to Marcus that I heard he is the king of ass so i want him to fuck me in the ass. He does, and I come almost immediately he enters me. We lay on the bed and talk about sex and our life and our kids and work and our lovers, we fuck some more and fall asleep. We totally miss Felice’s vaginal fisting class – I wanted to see that. Damn. You just can’t do everything at camp.

We go down to Cabin 19 for a shower and Marcus washes me in the shower. Surprisingly I notice Marcus is very good at this – he washes me very lovingly. He could almost be a slave washing his Mistress. Mmm.

One afternoon, I went to Whittney’s ‘Spirituality and BDSM’ class. I knew immediately Whittney was the person who could flog me – I got brave and went up to Whittney after the class and asked him if he would tie me up in the dungeon that night. He said, “I would love to”. But gee, there was so much to do before that flogging date in the dungeon.I better get moving. I had to go back and see everyone in Cabin 19 – it was a Cinderella Glass Slipper type situation… I had to find someone who would fit into my baby-pink corset because it was now too big for me and I wanted someone else to wear it. Wendy tied Hunter into the corset. Everyone nearly died. OH! Hunter was so perfect in that corset – Marcus told Hunter and I to get down on the floor and he wrapped us together in plastic – we were so lost in each other I don’t even remember who was watching. But I do remember Match was there. I know this because that was the first night I met him. The first thing I ever said to Match was, “can you pass the lube?” He did and he poured it onto my toes so I could fuck Marcus’ ass with my foot. I love that. I’m waiting for the day Match and I are together somewhere and and someone asks, “How did you guys meet?” By the way, have you ever kissed Match? He is one of the best kissers you will ever come across, and he is very smart – he knows how to make me cum by touching nothing except the piercings in my cunt. Very cunning.

There was always so much to get on with at Cabin 19. As part of the “Molly Learns How to be a Bottom” routine, Lolita got me on the porch and put me over her knee.. she spanked me and made me cum in record time! (very impressed, Lolita) in the moments before I was just about to orgasm, The Ramones came on the stereo and everyone started singing along in that Ramones flat anthem-style as I was being spanked… “I-Wan-na-Be-Se-dated”… me? – I didn’t sing, I just came very loudly, screaming into Lolita’s legs.

Anyway, I couldn’t hang around all night having threesomes and getting wrapped in plastic and being spanked – I had to go to the cuddle party. There were so many rules at the cuddle party – at first I thought that maybe it wasn’t for me all these rules and regulations. but actually, lots of rules are perfect for letting go completely… once the actual cuddles started I had the most amazing time with the gorgeous tantric teachers from NYC. Oh! I loved the cuddle party. But I couldn’t hang around all night cuddling. I had an appointment in the dungeon. Whittney asked me to choose the floggers. I didn’t want sting. Only thud. Very heavy Thud. Whittney tied me up to the standing ladder. The gorgeous Captain B and others from the kidnapping scene came along to watch. Whittney gave me a very long and heavy flogging. In the beginning I thought I was going to die with the pain, it was so intense, I nearly said to him “actually this flogging thing, it might not be for me after all, I might just get untied now” … then with Whitney’s advice in my ear, I found a way of just going with the pain, AND THEN something amazing happened, I just felt like i was flying, he flogged and flogged me and I cried and cried and sobbed and sobbed through it all. Captain B told me afterwards that she also cried and watched almost horrified as Whittney’s flogging seemed like it would never end – at one point she said he was lifting up the flogger with both hands high up in the air and with the full force of both his arms he’d bring the flogger crashing down on my back… THUD!… apparently the noise was deafening. I didn’t hear it. I was buzzing. It was truly a cathartic experience and I got rid of some very deep grief – something very huge shifted in me that night. I was flying for hours. I walked away from the ladder and noticed Marcus was right there next to me getting fucked up the ass by some guy. I smiled and went to go eat some midnight snack. I was starving.

One morning I was Barbara C’s bottom demo again – in her sensual fire play session. I had no idea what to expect but I absolutely loved it and once again, Barbara weaved her magic to make me go places I have never been. Barbara Carrellas has been responsible for changing my life many times since I first met her 12 years ago. And she did it again by taking me to camp. I cried on the Sunday night when she won Best Teacher at the D.O. awards because ITS TRUE! she is the best teacher. I also knew that this was the first time that Barbara had taught since her teaching partner (Chester) passed away, and teaching without Chester was a very big thing to do. So that award meant even more. I am so lucky that she has been my teacher for so long.

One day in the dining room I asked Marcus if he liked the idea of being tied down on a bench – his cock and balls in bondage – me Queening him and dripping hot wax on him? I said that if he liked the idea, I will find another top and we will “double domme” him before the end of camp. He said he liked the idea. I asked Lolita and she agreed to do it with me. But days flew by and we never did it. Then on very the last night at about 1 o clock in the morning, Lolita walked into Cabin 19 and I thought, “My God! here is the moment we have been waiting for. We are going to do it now.” We didn’t do the Queening or hotwax because Marcus was tied to a beam standing up but the scene was still as hot as anyone could have wished it to be and all the tenants of cabin 19 loved the show. Lolita wrote about it here. Lolita is a genius top. She’s so fucking good at it and she’s so fucking funny at the same time.

There are many parts of my camp time that are blank, I cant remember them all, some little moments fly into my mind every now and then (like the time I asked a 6 foot tall very strong looking guy to carry me to the outdoor dungeon because I couldn’t walk across the grass in my black rubber kinky boots with 7 inch heels, he looked at me… a bit shy but carried me anyway… I realized later he wasn’t actually an attendee at Sex Camp, he was a cook in the kitchen, he must have thought he’d died and gone to heaven) … then there was a moment when Marcus and I bumped into Elle Emenope and we decided that she had the Best Name in camp. “LMNOP” you say it exactly like that little bit in the alphabet… its genius. And then of course its hard to remember all that happened on those nights in Cabin 19. Some of them were fairly sleepless I think. Once Marcus and Hunter and I seemed to fuck all night long. And then Prince came in too. Not to mention the gorgeous little Missy. Oh! some of it is a blur.

On the drive back to New York, Barbara and I felt so happy. We didn’t speak all that much. At one point down the highway, she just looked at me and said “You were popular,” and we laughed. We stopped to get gas – everyone in the gas station seemed so fucking strange. They didn’t want to hug us. No-one asked me to piss in their mouth. The outside world was just so weird. I remember laughing to myself at one point and thinking – “I actually came to ‘I wanna be sedated’??”

And I thought,”This fucking bottoming shit might just be the bomb after all.”


[Editor’s note: Molly doesn’t have her own blog. She can be emailed at]

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