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The meeting

January 20th, 2007 · No Comments

Back in the days of the Paris Peace Accords, before they could even sit down to talk, the North Vietnamese and the South Vietnamese argued for weeks about the shape of the table. I remember how everybody laughed and thought this was the most ridiculous thing they ever heard of. Well, now, I finally understand.

This week, I went to lunch with two of my NYC fuckbuddies. They were curious to meet. And, who knows? Maybe there would be a future threesome. Even if that wasn’t in the cards, I prefer not to compartmentalize my life and this makes things easier.

We chose a place amenable to all, Mary Ann’s in Chelsea. Amenable to me until I realized that all the tables at Mary Ann’s are rectangular. I walked in and there they were seated facing each other and I had to choose on which side to sit. There’s no hierarchy here. I did not want to choose one of them over the other. That’s like bad poly, and oy, I don’t do bad poly.

I stood there, not daring to sit down, and made a joke, “You couldn’t get a round table?” Of course, there were no round tables there. I think they both appreciated my slight discomfort. They got the point. Don Quixote gestured that I sit next to Jefferson and I sat. I enjoyed the company and my enchiladas.

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