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Bite me

November 3rd, 2006 · No Comments

Intimacy can be the most terrifying thing. There are different types of intimacy. The one that I find most terrifying and stress producing is inviting people into my home. I always fantasize about having people over and “entertaining.” I have the skills to do it. It really shouldn’t be such a big deal. But it is. When I invite people over, I freak out. So, it is rare that I do it. But I do think I should do it more often. It may be easier if I do it more. Or maybe I will just spend more time freaking out.

I mention this now because I hadn’t had anybody over in a while and Don Quixote came over recently. And, of course, I freaked out for the days leading up to that. But then he was there and I was able to freak out in his presence. Oh my god, there he is sitting on my couch. What’s he thinking? All I want is to jump on him, but I figure it’s best to wait until after we eat.

I made a light supper: pumpkin soup and a leafy green salad with walnuts, cranberries and crumbled goat cheese. Very seasonal. And served on the Russell Wright dishes. It was polite and proper and we talked and got to know each other a bit. After we ate, I told him to go and sit on the couch again. And then I jumped on top of him. Yeah, really, I climbed on top of him and buried my face in him and took in his smell. Nobody else smells like that. I don’t know what it is. I like it but I have never smelled anybody like that before.

I wanna touch him. I unbutton his shirt but it’s not enough. He strips my shirt and bra off of me and my breasts tumble out and he buries his face in my chest. There’s still too much clothing in the way and the couch is not conducive. “Come to my bedroom.” And I lead him in there.

He stands by the bed and hesitates for just a small moment. I push him onto the bed and take his pants down. For some reason, I have no patience. I am too excited to go slow. And I dive right into his crotch and work his balls and his cock with my mouth. But he can’t get erect. He’s nervous, too. He grabs me away from his cock and uses his mouth on my crotch. I like that. It’s good, but I am all about cock cock cock and I go back to it. He tells me to stop and shoves his fingers in my cunt. Oh, that’s good. And when he’s done with me, there’s this huge wet spot on the bed. “What is that? Is that from me?” It was. I am surprised because I am not usually a squirty girl. Not a bad thing, but just unusual for me. Actually, I think it is very sexy.

We lie there and we kiss and look and touch. Now we have slowed down. We talk and kiss some more. I am learning about him. At one point, I have my teeth on his arm. “Go ahead. You can bite harder than that.” I sink my teeth in slowly. His breathing changes and his cock stiffens. I ignore his cock and then sink my teeth into his chest. Again, slowly increasing the pressure. His cock is rock hard. I love that he is turned on by the pain. I start working on one of his nipples. I clamp my teeth down on it. He really likes that. I pop a clothespin on the nipple and move my mouth to the other one. This other nipple can’t take as much, but that’s okay. I pop another clothespin on it and head south to his hard cock. This time it is waiting for me and it welcomes my mouth. I work it deep until I gag and gasp and then I work it deep again and again.

He’s close. I can sense it. And he grabs me and pulls me up to kiss him while he works his cock with his hand. He shoots on his stomach and I collapse onto him sliding around on his belly. I want to feel his cum.

He says, “I guess I should have just said, “Bite me.” I laugh and pull his hair and kiss him. I think about how much fun it will be to learn what works with him.

PS I figured out a few days later that the reason I had no patience to go slow was that I was at that point in my cycle where I am stubborn and bitchy and just want what I want.

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