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October 12th, 2006 · 1 Comment

I had my first close encounter with Dude at one of those parties hosted by close friends. A carefully chosen guest list. Favorite foods. Fun lighting. Some rules to make it safe for everybody. Mood music. A lot of puppy piles and touching. Very comfortable. Except for Dude.

“Oooo! I am touching Lolita. I can’t believe I am touching Lolita.” I extricated myself from that and left the room. It annoyed me. This was supposed to be comfortable friends being comfortable with each other. I didn’t like somebody who hardly knew me to be pawing me while awed by my celebrity. There are times when I am the celebrity and times when I just want to be one of the gang.

When the next party was being planned, I confided to Boymeat that I didn’t want Dude there. Boymeat countered, “Dude is a really good guy. He was just a bit nervous. Give him another chance.” I relented and it went okay. This may have been partially because I remained a bit aloof. I also suspected that Boymeat may have had a little chat with Dude.

After a few more parties, Dude and I became more comfortable with each other. (For the record, Dude says that I give a better blowjob than Boymeat.) And, now, Dude and his wife are in the running to be added to my stable of fuckbuddies. Oh, yes, I did say and his wife. He is married to Dudette and I happen to like her, too. I have a special fondness for couples.

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  • 1 engrailed // Oct 12, 2006 at 4:15 pm

    Your fuckbuddy search is starting to look like the audition line for the next season of that rock star reality show. I’m practicing my audition number…a Billy Squier song, “Everybody Wants You”. Btw, thank you for the link. *smooch*

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