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August 4th, 2004 · No Comments

Volume 10, Number 13 © Copyright 2004 by Lolita Wolf – Material may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written consent of the copyright holder. The views expressed herein are exclusively those of the author and do not represent the views of any other person or any organization with which the author may be associated.

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">Thunder In The Mountains event was held last weekend in Denver with a dynamite line-up of presenters and a huge fabulous dungeon. I had a great time. I lucked out when Rich Dockter and Spike Mustang gave me their suite which I shared with Peggy O and Mommy Cara (thanks to Rich and Spike: Here! This is an AOL inch). On Friday night, after the Meet & Greet, a bunch of us celebrated Midori’s boy Khadan’ s birthday with a big dinner at Buckhorn Exchange. We had Rocky Mountain Oysters, Rattlesnake, Alligator Tail as starters and I had Yak and Elk as my main course. Afterwards, we went to the dungeon and I played with Peggy. It was a very therapeutic scene – I used floggers and whips followed by fire and she cried a lot. She needed to cry. Om Saturday morning, teresa brought me coffee and took a nice morning caning from me.

I presented two workshops (How To Be A Greedy Pig and Fantasy Role Play) and I attended several workshops. Master Jim and slave marsha spoke of the central role of obedience in M/s relationships. Part of what was very interesting was how Master Jim has added a man in service to him and how that has caused him to rethink some of what he is doing now that he is an a poly relationship. Joseph Bean’s class on Mastery made us all think. Jason Ryan of San Diego did a good duct tape bondage workshop and I picked up a few new tricks to add to my repertoire. By the end of Sunday I was so tired I almost did not go to a workshop but at the last minute, I wandered into Sharrin Spector’s Advanced Caning class. Although I have been to her class before, I went in just for the shear entertainment of it – she did not disappoint.

I played a lot this year. On Saturday I did a rope suspension with Cara. I used a really nice bondage frame in the dungeon. It was so nice I went to the website to see how much it cost – too much for me! This time I had her face up with legs spread. I started chewing on her feet. This made her crazy and she yelped and squirmed. The squirming made the ropes rub against her in a most delightful way… She enjoyed struggling in the ropes and I enjoyed making her feel the ropes all over her body. Later I did a spanking/caning scene with The New Girl and made her giggle a lot. For the second night I stayed in the dungeon until its closing time.

On the Sunday, there was a Thunder After Party at a place called Denver Harbour. It was a nice play space with great equipment but it got very crowded. I grabbed a perfect spot as soon as we got here a bondage frame on the wall in a corner. I put teresa in a body harness and then attached her to the frame. FifthAngel had been telling us about Joseph’s Spirit Of The Dungeon class and mentioned how important symmetry was. Being the rebellious sort, I did the ropes asymmetrical and told FifthAngel that symmetry was for pussies. I also added rows of clips in an asymmetrical fashion as well. I think the asymmetry worked when totally unplanned my ropes ends met at theirs ends. I also had teresa guess how many clips I had on her. She guessed 53 but I had only put on 52, so I added one … to her septum. I warned teresa that there would be a little girl element to this scene. I spent a while threading cord thru the clips. She did not know what was happening when I started running away from her with the long cord. I giggled as all the clips came flying off; she screamed. Good thing that she was all tied up because she had trouble standing up on her own after that.

I had one other date. Last but certainly not least: Miss Elizabeth. The last time she bottomed to anyone was to me at MAL in January and now she wanted to play with me again! We did a yummy sensuous spanking and caning scene. I hope she will have time on her dance card for me at Dungeon 901

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">Leather Archives & Museum retired the mortgage on its facility at 6418 N Greenview Ave. Over $400,000 has been raised over the past seven years to purchase the building and make significant capital improvements to the facility. The funds needed to make the final $225,000 balloon payment have been raised.

The building was purchased and improved using donations from individuals, organizations, businesses and private foundations. No government grants were received to purchase the building. “This has been a grassroots fundraising effort since day one.” said LA&M President Chuck Renslow. “Our history is now safe behind walls owned by and controlled by the Leather community.”

The Leather Archives recognizes all donors to the campaign. “Whether you gave $5 or $50,000, you were a significant part of this victory” said Executive Director Rick Storer. A mortgage burning celebration is currently being planned for February of 2005.

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">Please register to vote. It is not difficult to do.

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and the Leather Archives & Museum. “We thank all those that have supported us (both financially and with your valuable time), without you we would never have achieved the historic agreement with the City of Baltimore allowing alternative sexual expression venues to function legally within Baltimore.“

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">Here is a listing for NY State.

>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:<>:< href="">Ms. World Leather
August 6-8, in Dallas, TX.

Servants Retreat
August 6-8 in Philadelphia, PA

Fetish Fair Fleamarket
August 7 in Boston, MA

Ohio Leather Fest (OLF)
August 13-15 in Columbus, OH
(I am teaching “Caning,” “Building Trust” and “”ABC’s of BDSM; and I am participating in the Celebrity Auction)

Black Beat
August 20-22 in Washington, DC

Camp Crucible
September 9 – 13 in Southeastern PA

Dark Odyssey
September 15-20 in Northern Maryland

FolsomFringe: smOdyssey Unleashed
September 24-26 in San Jose, CA

Pacific Friction
October 8-11 in Portland, OR
(I am teaching Caning and How To Be A Greedy Pig)

Oct 8-10 in Amsterdam

Dungeon 901
October 15-17 in Ft Lauderdale, FL

October 21-24 in NYC

Together in Leather
October 22-24 in Charlotte, NC

GMSMA Leatherfest
November 13 in NYC
(I am teaching Sensory Deprivation & Control)

Fetish Fair Fleamarket
December 17-19 in Boston, MA

Have fun! Play safe!
Lolita Wolf

Lolita speaking only for Lolita, of course!

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