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R.I.P. Lenny Waller

March 28th, 2011 · 19 Comments

Me and Lenny at Barbara Nitke’s Smooth Operator show, 2010

I just heard that Lenny Waller passed away. I met Lenny in the late 80’s when he was manager of The Vault in NYC.  Later he managed Hellfire. He had  served on the board of TES for a while, but that was before my time. He was a big supporter of Leather Pride Night, giving us donations and always attending and buying at the auction. His pet project was the AIDS Candlelight Vigil which he organized every year during Gay Pride weekend.

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  • Libby Warren

    Lenny was a great man. He looked kind of scary at times but if you knew him he was warm, cordial and loving. I will miss him.


  • Sorry to hear that Lenny has left this plane of existence. He was a wonderful-big-biker-bear! I believe that The FetishAfterLife is celebrating his arrival!

  • lordlnyc

    I am sadden to hear of the passing of Lenny. He was a great friend to the Community, my late partner Brenda and to me. I will miss him. RIP Lenny and may your memory be for blessing.

  • Wow. That is tragic. I’m very sorry to heard about this.

  • Thrash

    Wow! What terrible news to hear, the NYC scene has lost another Icon and Lenny will be sorely missed.

    Some of mine and Antonia’s best memories of our scene life in NY occurred in the clubs he ran. I remember the first time I met Lenny at Hellfire in 1994. Marie Ross, a TES Board Member who also worked at the club, had given me a free pass and I was not going to miss going to this place! I took the subway in from Brooklyn, finally found the club and took a right at the bottom of the steps. Once I entered the door, Lenny was in his booth on the left side and welcomed me like I was a regular…which I shortly became. He quickly put me at ease in a new place that was to become like a second home.

    I miss Hellfire and the Fetish Warehouse, I miss Marie and, thinking of the upcoming Leather Pride Night, Pride Parade festivities, where he was a perennial fixture, I already miss Lenny, too.

    People will often lament the state of the scene in NYC, saying that it isn’t like it once was, that it has changed, and not always for the better. Well, that phrase takes on new meaning and gravitas now. Our scene has changed once again, it will never be the same, it has been greatly diminished now that another one of our Icons has passed away.

    Sorry this has gone on so long…damn! I thought I was speechless but this is another person who welcomed me into the scene and now he is gone. 🙁

    Thank you, Lenny. Rest in peace.


  • Guy Gonzales

    Lenny Waller was a person of the highest caliber; a tremendous spirit and a dear, dear friend. Lenny exemplified the quintessential hardcore New Yorker, eqipped with a cigar, a whip, and a pastrami sandwich. I will miss him terribly.

  • He will be remembered.

  • I’m sorry to learn of Lenny’s passing. The first couple of times I went to Hellfire, his friendliness put me at ease and made it so much easier to navigate those waters. Bless him.

  • Lenny let the DomsubFriends management live out our dreams by allowing us to use the legendary “Hellfire Club” for the first 3 years of our existence. For that we are grateful.
    He may have looked like a tough biker, but deep inside he was a pussycat.

    During the past decade, Lenny beat the Grim Reaper many times. I guess this was one too many.

    May the higher power protect your soul and ease the pain of your loved ones. The entire leather community will grieve your loss. A part of us will be missing for a long time.

    Your Friends,

    Sir Viktor and Mistress Lin

  • Hellfire was my home and I always felt safe and welcome because of Lenny and Marie. I will miss you Lenny, your hugs, your comforting presence, even those stinky cigars. The Scene has lost a true friend.

  • Darrell BlackandBlue

    Any idea what will be done for him? I would very much like to be a part of a community remembrance.

  • jean stevens

    I will miss our dinners and talks, a true free spirt has left us, he will be missed by all who knew him.

  • i am very sad to hear this news. Lenny was a great guy, and often helped me when i had questions about leather history in NYC. he knew everything.

    does anyone know if there will be a memorial celebration for him?

  • I do not know if there will be a memorial service. If I hear of anything, I will post the details on the blog.

  • If I hear of a memorial service, I will post the details on the blog.

  • Along with Lenny I lost a piece of my soul. A great guy ,I was honored to have him help me at my club. I Miss him now and will never forget him. RIP my dear friend until we meet again………..

  • Pandora

    I’m terribly saddened to hear of Lenny’s death. In addition to leather and SM, we shared a mutual love of cigars and he never failed to treat me with respect, love and kindness. His loss will be felt throughout the community.

  • Lenny will live on in so many memories that he has a very deserved immortality.

  • Rope

    Lenny, A big man, with an even bigger heart.. may you rest in peace, you spoke to many with your kindness.. Vixen and I will fondly remember your welcome hugs..