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Felice Shays Tears Through NYC

February 11th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Thursday February 17th at Purple Passion
Playing in Dangerous Neighborhoods: Advanced Rough Sex

Face slapping. Teeth sinking into flesh. Kicking someone when he’s down. Gang bangs, Knives going where god never intended them to go. Fists flying. Rape. Fingers gripping. Gasping for breath. Forced blow jobs. Crawling and begging… If combining these things with pre-negotiation and full consent sound white hot, then you, sweet pervert, want Rough Sex. With humor, affection, straight talk, and smarts, Felice Shays will discuss and demonstrate techniques from her Brutal Affection class: slam, slap, kick, and punch, yet THIS time the emphasis will be on how to combine them with killer sex techniques. We will also explore emotional limits and release, safety, partnered positions, group scenarios, head space, anatomy, dirty talk, and helpful items. Finally, Felice will share provocative techniques on how to find your own desire and how to push through fears that might be preventing you from discovering new sexual and sensual highs. Yeah, we’re talking SEX. Sweet, raunchy, bring it SEX.

Friday February 18 at Lesbian Sex Mafia
Brutal Affection: Punching, Kicking, Slapping and Sex

It ain’t about the brawn. Regardless of your size, gender, or physical ability, this highly interactive workshop uses scads of demonstrations to teach you fierce, passionate methods of slam, slap and thud. Learn to use your brain and a multitude of body parts to bring you and your partners to new found levels of physical, sensual, sexual intensity and intimacy. With humor, affection, straight talk, and smarts, Felice Shays will discuss and demonstrate technique, safety, partnered positions, head space, anatomy, and helpful items. Also, as time allows, Felice will work with individuals, dyads and other combinations of partners to resolve their dilemmas of inequity of size, status, attitude or muscle.

About Felice Shays

Where respect, sex, tenderness, straight talk, laughter, and safety intersect is where you’ll find Felice Shays; she’s a sex and BDSM educator and counselor who travels the US and Canada. Newly relocated to Portland OR, this Brooklyn Femme has presented at a plethora of events for about a decade including Good For Her, Black Rose, Pacific Friction, Dark Odyssey, Babeland, LSM, TES, Kinky Kollege, Wicked Womyn, Shebop, KinkFest, Safer SM, Sugar, Tribal Fire, MOB, Come As You Are, The Exiles, Desire, Thunder In The Mountains, Kinky Kollege, and IMsL. Named Dark Odyssey’s Campers’ Choice: Favorite Presenter, Felice also stirs up trouble as a sex and BDSM event producer, performance artist, and ASL interpreter.

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