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Things I Loathe #7 (in no apparent order)

January 13th, 2009 · 2 Comments

I hate the crunch of salt under my boots when I walk around NYC.  What is with all the salt?  At the first hint of snow, people are out there spreading salt in huge quantities on the sidewalks.  Salt is supposed to be for helping to break up packed ice.  It is not a substitute for shoveling snow.  It should be used sparingly.

All this salt is bad for our environment.  The water run-off goes into the ground, pollutes our soil and kills our plants and trees.  Salt corrodes and damages our streets and sidewalks.  Salt ruins my boots and upsets my bootblacks.  Salt hurts dogs’ paws when they go out for their walks.

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  • Wendy Blackheart

    I don’t always mind the salt – when i’m on L.I. no one shovels, and no one puts down salt. There is much slipping.

  • Dan Andersen

    Landlords love salt- it keeps the lawyers away