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My big Saturday night date

October 13th, 2008 · No Comments

Our Saturday dinner ran late at Dark Odyssey. Oink and friends had forgone the camp dining hall. Glenda had barbecued steak, fish, vegetables and fresh corn on the cob. Dessert was grilled pineapple and peaches. It was quite a yummy contrast to the regular camp food.

So, it was late. My hot butch date took off to her cabin to take a shower and I showered too. I packed a toybag – floggers (because she liked that last time) and rope (because she wanted to try something new).

She showed up and swooned when she saw I was wearing a slip. The night was muggy and humid and I wanted to be comfortable; I had no idea that she had a thing for a girl in a slip. It made me feel extra sexy. We both decided that instead of heading straight up to the dungeon, we would first go check out the Garden of Carnal Delights at Sex-O-Rama.

The Garden of Carnal Delights has four rooms, each with a different flavor. The first room was the “Make Out” room. We peeked in and saw that there were a few people in there. We decided to enter and we sat on one of the couches whispering and looking at the other couples. And then we kissed. She’s a good kisser. I liked kissing her and would have liked to kiss some more, but we both wanted to move forward and explore more. We didn’t have all night!

We moved to the next room and peeked in. This was the Orgy room. Nothing seemed to be going on at that time. There was only one naked guy in there sitting and waiting for something. We skipped that room and continued onward. It seemed that everybody was up at the Sex-O-Rama and most of them were on the porch. We stopped every few feet in order to greet people and flirt. We had fun flirting. I could be an outrageous tease and then stop, because I was here with a date. It was very fun.

Next we came to the peep show. There were four different sections behind plexiglass. In the first, a couple had just finished up what looked like a sex scene. The next section had a threesome with the bottom in a sling. A complicated scene was being set up in th third spot. There was a ladder and a man rigging up an enema. The last room was empty and awaited some other person or persons who would be exhibitionist. Last year I had danced here and made a lot of Kundalini Kash.

We then entered the next room, the Brothel. This was the room with the heavy action. We were greeted by the Madame. “Just looking!” we told her, “We’re on a date.” She shoved some Kundalini Kash in our hands and we pressed on to see who was available and who was busy doing what with whom. There were some very sexy people offering their services, people who I wouldn’t have minded blowing a wad of cash on. I have always had a good experience in the Dark Odyssey brothel. The cool thing about the brothel is that there are all types of people available. All genders, all ages, all body types. And the people selling themselves state their limits and control what will happen. The providers are the ones in control.

I did not need to hook up at the Brothel; I had what I wanted. I had my date with a sexy butch. We had seen it all and we began to make our way back. We flirted with more people and found some friends on their way to the peep show. We gave them our Kundalini Kash and advised that they tip the performers. And then we headed up to the dungeon to play.

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