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Hee hee hee, boo boo boo, hah hah hah

August 1st, 2008 · 1 Comment

I love Cheetos! Especially the puffy kind.

Oooh! A spanking on the television show, Weeds.

I want to go to the Whitney to see Robert Mapplethorpe’s polaroids.

I’m anti-marriage and anti-romance. Mostly. But I thought this was really cool.

A music video from Athens Boys Choir – fer real tho, I got a dildo.

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  • 1 Abby // Aug 9, 2008 at 11:26 am

    Hi Lolita (& All):

    OK, I’m slow — I just got around to reading yr post about wanting to see the exhibit of Mapplethorpe polaroids at the Whitney. All I can say to you and all others who may be reading this is DO SO, AT ONCE! Sorry for shouting but I get very excitable on the subject, as one of the most influential and important moments in my early SM life occurred when at age 15 or so I somehow stumbled randomly into an exhibit of polaroids taken by the then-unknown Mapplethorpe . I remember staring at the pics, which were hung against stark bare concrete walls in the lobby of what is now the Archives Condo in the Far West Vill. (but which was then a sometime art gallery), for literally hours, and I am being equally literal when I say that the sheer power of the in your face radically erotic, gender deviant, sexually deviant, SM-laced images that greeted me there both transfixed me and rocked me to my core & also made me consciously think of myself of a sadomasochist for what was probably the very first time. It was truly a transformative experience that I’d urge everyone to partake in, at once. (Just my humble opinion. A.)

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