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Back to the Garden of Carnal Delights

September 20th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Saturday night at Dark Odyssey is always a highlight for me. I began my evening at the Perverts Saloon cocktail party and then walked over to the Cigars & Chocolate Party. This used to be a little private gathering under a tree, but it has now become an official DO event at the Pavilion. It was well-attended and there were people moving through the crowd serving. I liked how the event had morphed. It was just different. I did not smoke up. I am more interested in cigar play than cigars. Of course, I did have chocolate. And I brought Sarah’s favorite: Dark Chocolate with Espresso. I didn’t stay too long because I had some other plans for the evening. The Sex-O-Rama!

On Saturday night, the Sex-O-Rama is transformed into The Garden of Carnal Delights. There are four rooms: The Make-Out Room, The Orgy Room, The Brothel and a new room, The Peep Show! I had plans to start out at the Peep Show! Back at my cabin, I dressed carefully for the Peep Show, grabbed my music and headed out.

There was a huge crowd outside of the Sex-O-Rama. Jefferson was out there mesmerizing the crowd like a sideshow barker. This was the Blowjob Throw Down with Avah of New Jersey vs Wendy of Long Island. Two men sat side by side in folding chairs. They were both blindfolded and instructed not to use their hands. Avah and Wendy were kneeling on pillows and working these guys. After two minutes they would switch places. The guys would then vote for who they thought had the best Blow Job technique. Other men waited their turns. There was a timekeeper and a scorekeeper.

I didn’t watch the whole contest, because I was eager to get into the Peep Show. I think this made for good timing on my part. There seemed to be more guys outside watching the Blowjob Throw Down and more women inside at the Peep Show. And, ya know, it’s the girls that particularly love my dancing. The Peep Show room had four little rooms with Plexiglas windows where you could look in and watch strippers or various sex acts. It was a voyeur’s dream where you could see a F dancing and a FF oral sex act and a MF fucking act and a MMF tangle of sex, etc. I waited my turn and entered into one of the rooms and began to dance and strip. Faces pressed up against the glass. Hands with Kundalini Kash reached through the curtain to tuck the money in my thong. It was very exciting and I felt very sexy. Soon, I had a huge pile of money and vacated the Peep Show cubicle to allow someone else some time behind the glass.

I pulled myself together and checked on Jefferson’s Blowjob Throw Down. They were almost done. And then, finally, Avah of New Jersey was declared the winner. She was so good that two guys shot their loads before their two minutes were up (that was big points for Avah).

I had a lot of money and headed to the Brothel. Viviane was there and I offered to buy someone for her. She declined but mentioned that MT needed some money. I peeled off $1000 from my wad and handed it to him. “Have a good time with this. Er, and now you owe me.” MT looked at me with some hesitation. He did not seem like the kind of guy to just take money from someone. I said, “Don’t worry about it. We’ll figure out something fair later.” I felt like such a loan shark.

And then I saw Eden. Beautiful Eden with the long dark hair and the sparkling blue eyes. She gave me a big smile as soon as she saw me.
“Are you working?”
“Oh, yes!”
“I would like to buy some time with you.”
“I would love that. I will make you feel so good.”
I knew she would.

We went looking for a spot and the brothel manager came over. I think he could tell that I was a big spender. He told me that the VIP room would be available in about 15 minutes and that it would cost me $1000. “I’ll take it!” I peeled off $1000 in cash and handed it over.

The VIP room was in the back. It was more private and it had a sling. Eden went to get some supplies and I made myself comfortable in the sling. I love just leaning back in the sling and looking up at my big black Wesco boots.

I relaxed as Eden went to work pleasuring me. As a paying customer, I only had to think about my pleasure and not worry about her. However, it was pretty clear that she was enjoying her work and that she was thrilled that I had chosen her. She had these electric toothbrushes that she put inside a condom. Those plus her fingers worked very nicely in getting me off.

Afterwards, I asked what her rate was. She told me that her base rate was $500. I peeled off the $500 and then kept going. $1000, and then $1500. She was excited that I was giving her so much. Then $2000. Then finally $2500! I was the big spender. And Eden thought I was the shit. I kissed her good-night and walked back to my cabin.

And I still had a pretty good stack of cash left over.

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  • 1 Wendy // Sep 24, 2007 at 12:43 am

    I’m glad we were able to keep all the icky men away for you so you could dance for the ladies. I wish I hadn’t missed it. *grumbles* stupid throw down.

    And thank you muchly for sending water over for us in the dungeon! That was very sweet, and most helpful.


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