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Rope Dojo Redux

September 10th, 2007 · No Comments

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In July 2005 I attended Midori’s Rope Dojo in Washington, DC. Here’s what I wrote about it back then:

… Wow! Sixteen full hours of rope education spread over two days. Midori is a great teacher who explains everything fully as she demonstrates and then works with everyone in the class as everybody then does it on each other. Everybody was expected to switch and everybody did. I had heard that we would be given speed drills and team projects and I was a little apprehensive about those, but when it came to actually doing it, I was confident in being able to do everything and I managed just fine – actually better than fine! These exercises actually made it even easier to learn everything.

And there was a lot to learn: four different two-column ties, two body harnesses, hand and foot bondage, a dildo harness and, at the end, we learned how to do self-suspension. We also were taught the history of Japanese rope bondage, the many reasons (intents) why people like to do rope bondage and we trained in speed negotiating. Delano was the assistant teacher and gave a lot of insight that complemented what Midori had to say. Every graduate got a certificate, a six-foot bamboo pole and a canvas toybag perfect for carrying our rope. I highly recommend this course and I hope Midori will teach an advanced version at some point.

When I heard that the Rope Dojo was coming to NYC for the first time, I encouraged a few friends to sign up. I told them to do it as soon as registration opened. Only two of them got in. It sold out in three hours. Three hours! That’s crazy! I also offered to help at the Dojo. Midori is a friend of mine and I am also friends with her staff (Michele, Delano and Kelly). I know how much work it takes to run the Dojo and figured they could use an extra hand for schlepping and helping with the food (two continental breakfasts and two warm lunches). I also figured it would be fun to be watching the class and soaking up the good rope aura.

The students were a mix of gender, orientation and geography. I knew some of them beforehand and I made some new acquaintances that I hope to see again. Some were experienced players and some were novices. Some of the students had taken the Dojo before and were repeating it.

Midori’s teaching skill has greatly improved. I mean that Midori has always been a fabulous educator but now she is better than ever. The curriculum has improved. The history talk is much more relevant now. And she has added some really fun decorative and practical rope harnesses. I will definitely be practicing them at camp.

If you like rope bondage and want to learn, I highly recommend the Rope Dojo. The next one will be in Dallas, TX: November 3-4. The next one close to this area will be in Philadelphia sometime in April. Check out the Rope Dojo website.

And in the meantime, buy Midori’s how-to book with gorgeous photos and step-by-step instruction: The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

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