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Roundup of my life

July 8th, 2007 · No Comments

Photo by Viviane

There were nine of us who went to see the Richard Serra exhibit at MOMA. I don’t usually like to go to museums in a big group but Serra’s big pieces lend themselves to a large group where we could wander in and around them and play peek-a-boo with each other. Afterwards, we went to Uncle Nick’s Ouzaria. I shared eggplant dip, baked sharp cheese (which was really flambé), grilled octopus and spinach pie. Everything was totally delicious except the spinach pie which was blah. I’d go back again.

Another restaurant review: Recently the topic of Donovan’s Pub in Woodside came up and how it serves the best hamburger in NYC. So, I went with Jason and Sue. The burgers were yummy. Thumbs up!

I love the fruit this time of year. I’m eating lots of plums, cherries and blueberries. Thanks to Ernie and Greg who introduced me to pluots which are a combination of plums and apricots. Found them at Fairway. Also found black apricots!

Also in season: I cooked dinner for a hot date. Soft shell crabs, asparagus and mashed potatoes. The hot date was Don Quixote. He’s always fresh and in season, too.

I am all about smell.

This is my doorman’s boyfriend.

This swimming pool looks so easy for me to get to. And it’s got a beach. And it’s free! Possible road trip coming up.

And number 13 has been added to the 100 Divas Project!

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