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You can read it in the Sunday paper

June 28th, 2007 · No Comments

This year’s Flamingo Times rocked. It was funny. People talked about it. They rushed to see it every morning because they wanted their morning laugh. The publisher was very happy with the results. I was pleased because I had recommended the new editor-in-chief for the job.

I had a “special” subscription to the paper. Special, because I was sleeping with the editor-in-chief. If I was up late enough, I had my copy before retiring, but most often it was there on my bed when I woke up. Last year I ran an ad in the paper for the Amazing Animal Show. Due to the success of that ad, I requested an ad for this year’s Barnyard Animal Show.

I looked for my ad in the Saturday paper and it wasn’t there. “Where’s my ad?”
“Whoops! I forgot.”
“Whoops, you forgot? Just who am I supposed to blow to get my ad in?”
“Um, sorry. It will go in Sunday’s paper.”

It was early and I was pre-coffee. I decided to let it go. Well, just for a little while.

Later, at some point, don’t ask me when. It was one of those spontaneous things, not planned at all. Often the best times. It was in the common room. I spanked him. Only spanking just wasn’t enough. monica was there. “Get me a cane, would ya?”
She came back with Sharrin’s cane case and started to hand me a Stuart cane.
“No, no, no. Not that. I want a Diane Chaney cane.”
“Ooh! You want a mean one.”
“That’s right.”

I caned him hard. I had only caned him once before. It had been his first caning and I had been nice and I had given him a warm-up. He had liked that caning. I know for sure because it had given him a hard-on. This time I didn’t care if he liked it or not.

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