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The Usual (not!)

June 26th, 2007 · 1 Comment

This is the post where I say how great Leather Retreat was. And long time readers think, “Yeah, yeah, she says that every year.”

But, no, really, this year was unbelievably wonderful.

I truly believe that the camp experience is greatly affected by who is in your cabin. I was surrounded by my leather family and other assorted loved ones, play partners and friends. I was delighted to see them all get along and make connections with each other. And I wallowed in the joy of it all.

Over the years I have discovered that you don’t need a lot of cabin rules. In fact Oink only has one rule: Don’t slam the cabin door. It almost sounds too simple, but when you start with a bunch of people who value the absence of drama, are naturally considerate and open to sharing, it’s a slam dunk. (And even when somebody drops a pie, that situation can be resolved with a spanking.)

I approached this camp with fewer planned playdates, which left me a lot more room for spontaneity. I overpacked and that left me with a lot of play options, some of which were never touched. I only played twice in the dungeon. Most of my play was outside and in and around the cabin. We spent a lot of time hanging out on the porch. There was even a seven person orgy on the front porch on Wednesday night that included fisting and spanking and ball bondage and feet and who knows what else. It sure set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

All this activity drew some stalkers, gawkers and other hangers-on. There was even a bold poacher whom I may write about later. I am still a bit overwhelmed by all that happened at camp. And all that just was at camp, and at Oink.

Oh! We won a cabin decorating ribbon: the Safeword Award. It’s not that we decorate so much; we are mainly interested in our comfort and pleasure. We had lights, rugs, lots of camp chairs, a sling and a grill. But we are proud to be The Award Winning Oink Cabin!

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  • 1 Emily // Jun 27, 2007 at 3:09 am

    Hi, Lolita – I just wanted to say thanks for letting me be a part of Oink. I had an amazing time at camp, and a big part of that was because of how welcomed I felt by you and everyone else in the cabin. *hugs* Hope to see you soon!

    – Emily

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