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Game Type B

May 28th, 2007 · 1 Comment

As an educator, people ask me stuff all the time. Like, “How long can I keep someone tied up?” The answer to this and to 80% of all other question is “It depends.”

Don Quixote was tied face down and spread eagle on the bed. His balls were stretched down low. I rolled off of him and picked the used glove up off the floor. His butt was bright red from a caning. “Hah, baboon butt!” The morning coffee had hit me. I grabbed my GameBoy. “I’ll be in the bathroom.”

I sat and turned on my game. I yelled from the bathroom, “I’m not coming out until I get a big rocket!” I heard him groan in the other room. Apparently DQ did not have much confidence in my Tetris skills. Harrumph! I would get my rocket.

“Oops!” Well, I never win the first game, but it was a good start.

“Oops!” Well, I am geting warmed up.

“Oops!” Well, that was close.

“Oops!” I could hear DQ grumbling. Well, he would just have to wait.

“Hah!” I flushed the toilet and danced into the room. “Look! Look at my big rocket.”

And then I untied him. It was time to get a slice of pizza at Sal & Carmine’s.

So, um, yeah. How long was he tied up? I dunno. We never looked at the time. We were having fun.

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