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Car meme

March 26th, 2007 · No Comments

If I were an automobile, what kind would I be?

Well, this is what I would be.

Of course, I’m red! I like to stand out in a crowd. Look at my voluptuous curves. I am very sexy. My owner spends a lot of time waxing my body and polishing my chrome trim. I am roomy and comfortable inside. Lush upholstery with lots of legroom.

I’ve never been in an accident. Well, just some minor bumps and scrapes, but nobody got maimed or died!

My owner likes to service me and is always tinkering under the hood. I am always primed and lubed and ready to go. My engine responds and purrs. I am a well-oiled machine. Real NAPA replacement parts. Only the best for me.

I stay inside in a clean, warm, dry garage. We go out every weekend if the weather is nice. People stop and stare because I am so beautiful and rare.

Sometimes we travel to an event and there are other cars and owners. We know some of them and we also make new friends. A lot of people are just there to look. I hate when they let their kids smear their sticky fingers on my body. But my owner fixes that up really quick. We want me to look shiny.

I am pampered. But you know what? I am special and I deserve it!

P.S. I have a crush on a blue pickup truck, but don’t tell anybody.

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