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March 23rd, 2007 · No Comments

Atreyu was in town to visit Don Quixote. We were both aware of each other’s relationship with DQ and we had met once at a party a few months ago. DQ suggested that we try a threesome and Atreyu and I both agreed to give it a go.

We began in the living room and relaxed with each other. Well, I tried to relax, but I was a bit shy with Atreyu. His shirt was open and I could see his torso. His lustrous hair was thick and dark on his chest and then tapered to a stripe that ran down to his genital area. His white skin glowed in contrast and looked so soft. I wanted to reach out and touch him, but I felt a bit shy.

Atreyu began to massage my feet and DQ massaged my hand. The Princess was being attended to hand and foot. I became less nervous. We soon shed our clothes and progressed to the bedroom. And it just became a romp. We shared each other and there was sex and cuddles and more sex and more cuddles until we realized that we were hungry. So we ordered in and picnicked on the bed. And then we resumed with sex and cuddles.

It almost all seems like a blur. I remember climbing on Atreyu and biting his back while he moaned. Atreyu with his mouth on my cunt humming while DQ shoved his fingers in me. Atreyu and I taking turns with DQ’s cock. And every time we paused, someone else was cuddled in the middle. Our evening lasted seven hours and I hate to sound like a pig, but there was a lot more that I wanted to do.

What made it great was the sharing.

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