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As a BDSM Sex Educator and Author, I don't just talk about it. I do it! And then I write about it.

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About Lolita Wolf/Press


Lolita Wolf is a native New Yorker, who discovered the BDSM scene back in the late 80’s when “online” meant being on the phone sex lines. She is an activist who defends the sexual freedom for all consenting adults, spreads the word about BDSM, sex and poly, and helps the community grow and flourish. Yet, her goal remains “to have fun.”

Lolita has many specialties including bondage, impact play of all sorts, hot wax, fire play, poly relationships, social skills, communication and negotiation, CBT, violet wands, etc. She is co-facilitator of the TES Bondage SIG. Lolita has presented workshops for organizations and events across the country, including TES, GMSMA, Black Rose, Living in Leather, South Plains Leatherfest, Thunder in The Mountains, Portland Kinkfest, Frolicon, Dark Odyssey and many others. She has also presented seminars at Columbia, Yale, NYU, Bard and Rutgers Universities. She is well-known for a fun and entertaining style that packs a lot of information into a short class. See her class list.

Lolita is an Emeritus Board Member of of both The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) and Leather Leadership Conference. She is a former Chair of Lesbian Sex Mafia and was an honorary member of GMSMA. She is active with National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Leather Pride Night. Her awards include the 1996 and 2000 Northeast Region Pantheon of Leather award, 1996 NLA Order of Merit award, 1997 NLA Lifetime Achievement award, Gloria Brame’s Kinky Hall of Fame award, the 1998 Barry Douglas Community Service award, the 1999 DefendersNY Founders Award, the 2000 LA&M Leatherfolk to Watch Out For, the 2001 Black Rose Vaughn Keith National Educator Award and the 2002 Diabolique Ball Community Service Award. Lolita was honored to be a Judge for International Ms. Leather in 1995. She was keynote speaker at Beyond Vanilla 2001 and SM Odyssey’s Folsom Fringe 2007.

Her writing has appeared in On Our backs and Prometheus magazines and she has authored two books : Spanking and CBT in a Nutshell. Her latest writing appears in Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide To Kink. She is one of the instructors in The Details of Flogging DVD and is also featured on Kink Academy.

A six year old Princess who lies about her age, Lolita manages to stir up shit and get her own way (most of the time). She is part of a far-ranging leather family and considers herself a versatile opportunist.


Lolita Wolf