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The big dodge

October 30th, 2008 · 25 Comments

It was Thursday night at Dark Odyssey and we were hanging out on the porch of Oink. We had just finished the second and final part of a ritual scene where a boy had earned a pair of leather gloves. It was a perfect night. Momma Bear had gone into the cabin and had just come back out with her cane case. “Who are you gong to cane?” I asked.

She drew a long rattan cane from the tube, and declared, “You!”

“Um, I dunno…,”I began to protest.

“Just stay in your chair.”

She began to cane my thighs. I had not bottomed to canes in a very long time. I did not think I was up for it. I squirmed in my chair.

Seeing my discomfort, Momma Bear quipped, “Or you can find someone else for me to cane.”

So, there was a possible way out. I considered my options. And then came a taxi! There are golf carts at camp that are driven around as taxis by campers. Each camper has to do 4 hours of chores. Driving a taxi is a coveted job. This cart was being driven by Herb. I had met Herb a few weeks before at the Black Phoenix in Philadelphia. I had caned him and he had like it.

Herb, like most taxi drivers slowed down when going past our cabin. There always is some kind of action on our porch to see.

“Hey, Herb!,” I called out.

Herb stopped the cab. “You need a ride?”

“Well, not exactly. Would you like a caning? And I will drive your cab?”

“Sure!” Herb loved this idea and bounded up onto the porch. This was truly a Huck Finn moment for me. But as I hightailed it out of there with the cab, Momma Bear called after me, “I want you to find me another bottom within 20 minutes!” Oops! I was not totally free and clear.

I thought about my next challenge. Driving a cab was certainly advantageous in fulfilling this request. I would shortly know who was where and who was doing what with whom. I picked up a couple from the barn and drove them to their cabin and then picked someone up on the road and brought them up to the dungeon. I then headed over to the white house.

Donna was there in a long cape. She wanted a ride to the pool. “Hop on!” We took off and chatted on the way. By the time we had reached her destination, she had heard the whole story of how I was looking for someone for Momma Bear to cane.

“Melody would love to be caned by your Mama Bear.” Melody is Donna’s partner and her submissive. She is also a heavy masochist and perfect for Momma Bear. I was thinking that was totally going to rock. I would deliver! “But,” Donna continued, “she may be asleep already. She usually wakes up at 5am every day.”

“Well. Let’s go see if she is awake.” I gunned the cab. Uh, um, but there is no “gunning the cab” at camp. No matter how much you put your pedal to the metal, these cabs are slow. Especially up hill. See, this is a real story. Anyway, we drove back up to the top of camp to the white house. Donna’s swim was not happening. I needed her with me to give permission. And she was excited about the idea and had totally bought into my scheme.

We got to the white house and Melody was right there on the porch chatting. “Wanna get caned by my Momma Bear? Hop on!” Melody hopped on and Donna explained the deal. Melody got a miraculous second wind and was ready to play.

We got back to Oink. Herb saw us, stood up, pulled up his pants and came flying off the porch yelling, “I need my cab back!” We got out of the cab and Herb grabbed it telling me, “That woman is nothing like you. She doesn’t know anything about warm-up.” Then he took off.

Momma Bear was pleased when she saw that I brought Melody. I think she was a bit surprised, but she was very happy. Donna and I sat on the porch together and chatted while Momma Bear caned Melody. It was a nice night. I thought about Donna being naked under her cape.

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