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I’m single

October 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Vendetta and Claire Adams on

I sat with a group of people and mentioned that I was single. “Awwwwww….,” said a pal of mine. It was said in a way to imply that being single was to be pitied. Like it was a bad thing. Like, who would want to be single? Like, don’t worry, some day your prince will come.

Some people are single because they are between relationships. For them, being single is the sad default for when they are without a partner. Their ideal is to not be single. All is best when they are partnered. It’s their goal to be partnered. Time and energy is spent towards finding someone. Major stress while looking for the one.

I made a choice to be single. I’m very happy as a single person. I don’t worry about being alone. In fact, I enjoy spending time by myself. And I don’t have a problem going places by myself. I like being responsible for my own happiness. I like not having to worry about a partner.

I also like spending time with people and doing things with them. I have really good relationships with certain people, people I can spend time with and have adventures with. We have good sex. We have cuddles. We talk. We have intimacy. We don’t talk about where is our relationship is going to go to from here. We enjoy the here and now.

I’m having a lot of fun. So, don’t pity me. Or at least shut up and let me live my life the way I wanna. This is a valid alternative lifestyle.

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