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July 6th, 2007 · No Comments

We wanted to see Fortryll in the show and we were running a little late. But we had needed some quiet time after dinner. There’s always so much going on at Leather Retreat that you have to pace yourself or else you will melt down.

He wanted to dress up. We had each both brought a variety of fun outfits to camp. He pulled on tall rubber boots that came up all the way to his crotch. These had been in the closet all weekend and I had been eyeing them. Now he was pulling them on. Yum, yum! Next he put on a black rubber apron. The boots with the apron, especially the back view, was extremely hot. Next he pulled out heavy black rubber gloves and put them on. They were the perfect accessory. But the kicker was when he held up the black rubber gag. I took it from him and buckled it on him. Now we were ready to go out.

We took a taxi/golf cart to the barn for the show. We were late but still got to see some of it. That Sparky really knows how to coordinate a show. When you realize that they had only one rehearsal, it was really a miracle.

After the show we walked to the cabin via the road. “This road has good memories. Jefferson wrote about this spot and so did I.” We stopped. A golf cart whizzed by, slowing down ever so slightly. The apron had a snap-on codpiece. I began to unsnap it. Somebody walked past us but I did not see who it was. Otherwise nobody was walking. I took out his cock and played with it. Golf carts continued to go by. I remembered one year I got yelled at by Lori for driving a golf cart too fast. “Well, this is one way to get them to take that corner a little more slowly.” I laughed at how I was doing my part to make camp a little safer. He, of course, was still gagged and had nothing to say and also nothing to laugh about. I continued playing with his cock and balls.

I liked this little scenario on the road. We were alone but we were playing in public, too. We had a bit of privacy but we were exhibitionists. The people in the taxis craned their necks to see what we were doing. I liked teasing them with just a glimpse. And I liked teasing him with just my hands.

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