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The 7

May 24th, 2007 · No Comments

Jefferson and I sat on the number 7 train. We had lots to talk about and every story led to another story.

“A friend wrote to me and his Mistress wants him to get fucked by a man, but he doesn’t know where to go for that. Of course, he thought he should ask me for help.”
“An ass virgin?”
“I love that.”
“Well, Jefferson, I knew that this would be your thing.”
“Does his Mistress want to be there? Does she want photos?”
“I dunno. Let me see about that.”
I love making matches like this. This could be brilliant.

“Oh! And I may have found a new fuckbuddy!”
“Well, you wanted to have three.”
“Yup. We have a date for Friday night. I already sent her my fuckbuddy guidelines.”

On the way back to the city, we played the Who Would You Fuck game. He saw a girl with sharp pointy high heeled pumps and flaming red hair. “I would do her.”
“What about the guy in the suit?”
“Oh, he looks like some kind of movie star. Yes, I would do him.”
“And the other guy in the suit?”
“The one on the Blackberry? Yes, but only if he paid me $300.”
I laughed.
Then Jefferson asked, “So, who would you fuck?”
I looked around. “I don’t really see anybody I would fuck. I guess I am pickier than you.”
“Yes, you are. I just need a pulse.”

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